What Are You Looking At?

In this quiz, we're going to show you some super-zoomed-in photos. You're going to have to use your eyes, logic and experience to deduce what is shown in the photo. Are you observant enough? Let's test you out!
This is a close-up of...
This is a close-up of...
Let's Try Again...
Unfortunately, this test didn't go so well for you. Perhaps you need a long rest and then to try again when you're feeling more focused. Alternatively check our answers!
Nicely Done!
Not bad at all! You have good perception skills and a good brain to work out the logic of what these are. Pretty darn good, and you can check the ones you didn't get right when you look at our answers.
Awesome Perception
You've got good eyes and a good brain as well! You managed to either logic out or recognize almost all or all of these items correctly. Good for you, we're super proud!
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