Can This Coffee Test Reveal More About You?

Welcome to our unique coffee preference quiz! Designed with a human-centric approach, this quiz aims to unveil fascinating aspects of your personality based on your coffee choices. Are you ready to discover the profound influence your morning brew has on who you are? Let's dive in!
What kind of coffee do you drink the most?
Instant coffee
Müslüm Bayburs
Black coffee
A latte
Which decoration in milk do you think is the most fetching?
Where do you get most of the coffee you drink?
Coffee shops
Coffee stands and convenience stores
I make my own mostly
How much foam should be whipped in your coffee?
Very few
Normal amount
It should fill the cup
It should fill the cup plus another spoon on top
What is your favorite type of coffee roast?
Light roasting
Medium roast
Dark roast
Green (without roasting)
I don't have a clear preference
At what point of the day does your first cup of coffee arrive?
Early in the morning
In the middle of the morning
In the afternoon
What coffee would you most like to drink right now?
Cold coffee
Flat white
What kind of espresso would you most like to drink right now?
Affogato (espresso with ice cream)
Iced Latte
How does coffee affect you?
It doesn't really affect, the main thing is the taste
What is the most important addition to your coffee?
Sugar or sugar substitute
A Reflector
The mirrors, or the reflectors (Generators) make up about 2% of the population only! One of the things that makes this personality type so rare is the great empathy that characterizes the people blessed with it. If this is really true in your case, it will not surprise us to find out that the energy of the people around you affects you greatly and you have the ability (consciously or subconsciously) to transmit it back out like a kind of "social chameleon". In general, reflectors tend to be people with a developed inner world, high emotional intelligence and great patience. If this is really your personality type, it is likely that it is difficult for you to function under pressure and you are more comfortable going slowly and calmly. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just important to remember that it's not always possible...
A Creator
The creators, or the generators, make up about 68% of the population and their name expresses the basic operation of their bodies and minds. This type of personality is the creative force of the world when each person expresses it according to their abilities, talents and passions; There are creators who are lawyers, creators who are artists, parents, cooks, salespeople and almost any other profession and field. The creators are the ones who actually build the world, physically and mentally, and always find the strength to continue working and face life even when it's hard for them.
A Mannifestor
The initiators, or the Manifestors, make up about 9% of the population according to the human design approach. This personality type is driven by the need to do things quickly and efficiently to further the goals that are important to them, but often only for short periods of time. An enterprising person is a "short-distance runner" and not a "climber" of a long marathon - he is a driving force that shows others in which direction to act and focuses mainly on the big picture. Since this is your personality type, it is likely that it is important for you to be busy with many different things in order not to get bored and that you have many and varied interests and occupations.
Project manager
Project managers make up about 20% of the population according to the human design approach. One of the main characteristics of this personality type is a developed social ability and healthy curiosity. Thanks to these qualities it is easy for you to guide people and share your knowledge with them in a way that will lead to success, provided of course that they are willing to hear it and adopt your guidance. You are usually more comfortable entering a new situation or space when you are invited, and it is not comfortable for you to feel as if you have been "pushed" into an unwanted place. But as mentioned, when people give you the reins to lead a certain project, small or large, or even just invite you to be a part of it, there is no doubt that you will have a great contribution to it.
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