The Choices You Make Say a Lot...

In life, we are constantly faced with choices. Sometimes they are as easy as deciding on lunch. Rarely, we must make decisions of life or death. The way we choose our various ways forward define the story of our life, who we are and how react. Take our test, make choices from the heart and see what you learn about yourself.
Speak to animals or speak all human languages?
All human languages
Speaking to animals
Win the lottery or live twice as long?
Win the lottery
Live twice as long
Not pay taxes for a year or get a month paid vacation?
A month paid vacation
No taxes for a year
What would you give up for a week, your phone or your internet connection?
Where would you rather get stuck? On a roller coaster or in an elevator?
Roller Coaster
Where would you prefer hanging out alone? In a restaurant or at the cinema?
Would you rather never talk or say everything that comes to mind
Never talk
Say everything I think
What would you rather stop: All war or all hunger?
All hunger
All war
Where would you spend a night? In a 5 star suite or under the Norwegian sky?
Under the Norwegian sky
5 star suite
What do you fear losing more? Your phone or your wallet?
My phone
My wallet
What would you prefer? A considerate gift or the gift of money?
A gift
If you're stuck on a deserted island, would you rather be alone or with a chatterbox?
With a chatterbox
What would you rather wear for the rest of your life? Pajamas or a suit?
Would you rather work hard for your money or win it by luck?
By hard work
By luck
What would you rather win? An Olympic gold medal or a Nobel prize?
Nobel Prize
Olympic Gold Medal
What would you rather hear first? The bad news or the good news?
The bad news
The good news
Questioning and Looking Forward
You're not the kind of person to air your laundry in public. You're a private person and you're not quick to divulge what you think or feel. Despite this, those that get to know you open up a rich world of friendship and loyalty. You like to look forward, and not let things of the past run too much in your head. You are still questioning life, wondering about your place in it. You enjoy being social but you can spend time alone and sometimes prefer it.
Strong and Knows What You Want
According to your choices, you have a strong imagination, a strong will and you are not easily embarrassed by how you think and feel. You tend to look forward and not to the past, you are energetic and social. <br><br> When it comes to emotion, you are honest and clear. You have impatience for games and lies, and you'd rather deal with a hard truth than a beautiful lie.
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