This Quiz Will May Actually Help Your Relationship....

Relationships are hard work. Anyone who has ever been in one knows this is true. It's never easy for partners to live together so long and not find ways to annoy the other, even if unintentionally. Maybe this quiz can help you locate your most aggravating trait and give you some advice on how to make it better!
What kind of personality would you say you have?
I'm pretty balanced
I'm quite the extrovert
I'm more of an introvert
I'm not sure
What color would you choose to describe yourself?
What personality trait do you most appreciate in your partner?
They always have their feet on the ground
They know how to cheer me up when I'm upset
They're tranquil
They're spontanious
How will you celebrate your partner's next birthday?
A surprise party with cakes and balloons
I'll ask her friends or family to organize a surprise party
I'll book a table at a fancy restaurant
I'll make us a pampering dinner at home
Pick the photo that is closest to depicting your relationship
Tony Trinks
youtube screenshot
You've invited your extended family for dinner, how will you help your partner prepare?
I'll cook the meal myself
Set the table and stay away from the kitchen
Provide helpful tips to simplify and hurry up the preparations
Keep our guests busy
To what age would you most like to return?
Age 8
Age 14
Age 21
I'm happy with my current age
What personality trait annoys you the most in others?
Being Argumentative
Boring personality
How would you describe yourself with just one word?
You're too hyperactive
You're too gloomy
You're too lazy
You're too stubborn
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