How Well Do You Recall Basic Biology?

Biology is another name we give to living things. Things that are not satisfied with just being, like rocks and dirt, but grow, change, live and die. This is what makes us living. To become a living thing, biology is crucial. As biological creatures, we should grasp the very basics of what makes us tick. This is what this quiz is about, we're about to test your rudimentary understandings of biology. Do you have the required knowledge? Let's see...
What is the largest organ in the human body?
The Brain
The Skin
The Heart
The Lungs
What is the power house of the cell?
The Mitochondria
The Nucleous
The Microtublues
The Lysosomes
How many bones are in the human body?
How many muscles are there, approximately, in the Human body?
What are plants that grow in the sunlight called?
What is the biggest cell in the world?
Elephant Embryo
Ostrich Egg
Human Embryo
Crocodile Egg
How does the body convert and create Vitamin D?
Ultraviolet rays convert skin oil into the vitamin
Ultraviolet rays convert skin insulin into the vitamin.
Infrared radiation converts skin fat into the vitamin.
Infrared radiation converts hemoglobin into the vitamin.
Why do some trees shed their leaves in the winter?
To preserve heat
To preserve resources like water and energy
Because there isn't enough light
To be more resistant to strong winds
Which protein can be found in hair?
Which of the following is the heaviest muscle in us humans?
What is the most common element in the human body?
The shape of DNA is known as...
The Helix
The Double Helix
The Triple Helix
The Chromosome
What grows (much) faster than the other? Toenails or fingernails?
The average human heart beats about _______ a day.
10,000 times
100,000 times
A million times
5,000 times
Not a Biologist Quite Yet...
You are certainly no biologist. That said, you shouldn’t worry. If anything, this result will just let you better appreciate the work medical professionals and biologists do for us. We are sure you’ve learned a lot from this experience too. Just try the quiz again and you’ll see what we mean! Better luck next time!
You did well for youself!
You certainly know some important facts about biology, and will have little problem working out what hurts when you are in pain. This vital skill will help you let your doctors help you. There is still a bit of learning for you to do yet though. We hope we’ve inspired you to do some more research on biology!
You Aced This Biology Test!
That was a brilliant test performance. You should be proud of your biological knowledge. If it comes to it, you’ll have no problem explaining to a nurse or doctor just where it hurts. If only the rest of us mortals knew as much as you... Congratulations!
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