Answer This Leprechaun and Win a Pot of Gold!

As you walk along a nature trail, minding your own business, a tiny man dressed all in green, with a big smoking pipe and a giant tall hat calls to you: "Kind human," He says, "I'm in a wee bit of a jam, got my foot stuck ya see, under this blasted root. Will ya do me a kindness and free me?"

Amazed, you lift the root enough for him to escape. "Ah, what a good human ye are! I'll tell ye what, I don't just give my pot of gold to anyone, but yer a decent sort. How 'bout this, then? If you can answer most of my questions about my lovely country of Ireland, I'll let you have it, what say you? Ready?"
ireland quiz morning dew
In old Irish folklore, what benefit was associated with May morning dew?
Good complexion
Good digestion
ireland quiz ireland countryside
Ireland is also known as...
The Sapphire Island
The Green Isle
The Jade Island
The Emerald Isle
ireland quiz straw doll
On St. Brigid's Day people went from house to house carrying a straw doll. What was the doll called?
A Brideog
A Spideog
A Cross
A Bulliguard
ireland quiz irish symbols
Which of these mythical creatures does NOT exist in Irish folklore?
ireland quiz black beer
What are the two drinks that make up a Black Velvet?
Guinness and lager
Guinness and champagne
Guinness and milk
Guinness and velvet
ireland quiz saving private ryan
The opening of Saving Private Ryan is set on Omaha beach, but where was it ACTUALLY filmed?
Sandy Cove Beach
Rosslare Strand
Curracloe Strand
Golden Coast
ireland quiz angela's ashes
Who wrote 'Angela's Ashes'?
James Joyce
John Banville
William Trevor
Frank McCourt
ireland quiz riverdance girls
Who composed the music for Riverdance, the stage show?
Bill Whelan
Michael Flatley
Joseph Nate
Jeremy Clark
ireland quiz st. patrick's day
On St. Patrick's Day, Irish people are traditionally supposed to eat...
Raw Fish
Red Robin
Pink Bacon
ireland quiz man on mountain trail
What is the tallest mountain in Ireland?
Mount Galtymore
Mount Carrauntoohil
Mount Brandon
Mount Olympos
ireland quiz black and white abandoned house
The Great Irish Famine, which lead to mass migration and starvation, was in which decade?
The 1910s
The 1860s
The 1790s
The 1840s
ireland quiz irish people flag
Which of the following is true of the Irish population?
It has higher birth rates than most countries
It's older than in most countries
It's younger than in most countries
It's thinner than in most countries
ireland quiz happy leprechaun with beer
The leprechaun sighs. "I'm sorry, you really are a sweet human, but you have much to learn about my beloved country. I bought a Guinness while you were taking my test, I think I'll drink it here awhile until you pass it."
ireland quiz happy leprechaun
The leprechaun smiles broadly. "Not bad 'tall! You know some things about my beloved country, my isle of isles. But you still didn't get enough answers right to win my pot of gold! You were close, aye, but no until you prove you know my country very well indeed!" With that, he leans back against a tree, smoking his pipe and waiting for you to try again.
ireland quiz leprechaun gives you pot of gold
The leprechaun does a happy jig and laughs out loud. "By my stars, human, you sure you're not Irish yerself? What a superb job you did answering my questions twelve. Here ye are, my pot 'o gold, don't go wasting it all in one place, now, and remember yer old wee pal! May all yer days be blessed with the warmth of the sun and the cool of morning dew." And with that, he disappears, only the heavy pot of gold in your hands is proof he was ever there...
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