Inventors and Discoverers

Over the centuries and millennia, there have been people who have broadened our understanding of the world. Some have done it by expanding our knowledge from their laboratories, while others toured the unknown world, discovering new places for their cultures. In this quiz, we're going to test you about these great people and their discoveries.
In which century was Newton born?
17th century
16th century
15th century
18th century
What kind of math did Isaac Newton discover?
Infinitesimal Calculus
Game Theory
Who was the first to suggest a solar model that suggested that the Earth revolves around the sun?
Nicolaus Copernicus
Galileo Galilei
Michael Faraday
Who of these invented Jeans?
Levi Strauss
Brandon Wrangler
Calvin Klein
Nick Diesel
Who 'discovered' Hawaii for the old world?
James Cook
Louis and Clark
Christopher Columbus
Ferdinand Magellan
Which musical instrument's name comes from the name of its inventor?
Who was the first to arrive at the South Pole?
Roald Amundsen
Robert Peary
Edmund Hillary
Ernest Shackleton
Alessandro Volta invented the...
Electrical battery
Printing press
Who invented the popular drink Coca Cola?
John Pemberton
Caleb Bradham
Charles Alderton
Barney and Ally Hartman
Who invented the modern thermometer in 1709?
Daniel Fahrenheit
Johann Celsius
Angela Kelvin
Peter Meter
The man who took the first real photograph in 1826 was...
Forrest Edward Mars is known for inventing the...
'Mars' bar
Discovery of planet Mars
DNA molecules
Try Again?
It seems what you thought you knew wasn't right for this quiz. That's ok, nobody expects you to know all of these and you can always try again or look at your mistakes to learn some fascinating facts!
Nicely Done
You may not have got all questions right but you have gotten a lot of them, and that's not an easy feat! You definitely have some sense for inventors, inventions and their history. Why not look now at your mistakes and see where you went wrong?
Most Excellent!
Wow, you answered all or almost all questions correctly! You really know your way around inventions and inventors. If you used your logic to solve it instead of knowledge - that's even more impressive. Good show!
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