Test Your Knowledge of Biology

A little Biology knowledge goes a long way in this world, helping us understand our own bodies, the natural world and the processes that we go through. Do you know enough Biology to ace this Biological Science quiz?
How much electricity does the human brain generate?
Enough to catapult a chicken over a car
Enough to charge your phone
Enough to power a lightbulb
Almost none
Which of these creatures would leave a fingerprint if they committed a crime?
A human
A koala
A chimp
All answers are correct
When you wake up in the morning you are, in fact...
A little taller
A little heavier
80% less hydrated than when you went to sleep
A little shorter
Which part of the body creates white blood cells?
Lymph glands
Pituitary gland
Bone Marrow
The hypothalamus
Which organ removes excess water from the blood?
The Kidney
The pancreas
The spleen
The heart
What is the ring of bones at the hip called?
Pelvic girdle
Axial pelvic
Haptic feedback relates to which of the five senses?
Humans have 7 vertebrae in the neck, how many does a giraffe have?
What acid gets secreted when muscles in the body experience a lack of oxygen?
Lactic Acid
Amino Acid
Hydrochloric acid
Sulfuric Acid
Polyuria is one of the symptoms of diabetes. What is it?
Urinating a lot
Urinating blood
Urine detected in the blood
Blood detected in the urine
Which of these organs can regenerate itself after some of it is cut off?
What do you call an organ that produces gametes?
You Can Do Better...
You are certainly no biologist. That said, you shouldn’t worry. If anything, this result will just let you better appreciate the work medical professionals and biologists do for us. We are sure you’ve learned a lot from this experience too. Just try the quiz again and you’ll see what we mean! Better luck next time!
Nicely Done!
You certainly know some important facts about biology, and will have little problem working out what hurts when you are in pain. This vital skill will help you let your doctors help you. There is still a bit of learning for you to do yet though. We hope we’ve inspired you to do some more research on biology!
You Excelled!
That was a brilliant test performance. You should be proud of your biological knowledge. If it comes to it, you’ll have no problem explaining to a nurse or doctor just where it hurts. If only the rest of us mortals knew as much as you... Congratulations!
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