What Do You Know About the Moon?

The moon, Luna, tungi, kuu, hli, cap, yoreh and many more - so many names for that ball of light that guides our way at night. It is Earth's only companion, and it has been a source of myth, legends and, in modern times - a great triumph for the human race. Care to tell us a bit about it?
The density of the moon is...
Equal to that of the Earth
Less than that of the Earth
More than that of the Earth
If I weighed 300 pounds on Earth, how much would I weigh on the moon?
The same
50 pounds
100 pounds
150 pounds
How long does it take the moon to revolve around the Earth? (in other words, what is the length of a moon day?)
27 earth days
12 earth hours
12 earth days
2 earth days
How old do scientists believe the moon to be?
2 million years
20 million years
4.5 billion years
13 billion years
What do we call a phase of the Moon when LESS than half of the Moon is lit up?
Crescent Moon
Full Moon
New Moon
Gibbous Moon
What do we call a phase of the Moon when MORE than half of the Moon is lit up?
Gibbous Moon
Full Moon
New Moon
Crescent Moon
True or False: The changes in the level of Earth's oceans are caused by the pull of the moon's gravity.
How much of the Moon is continuously lit up?
When does a lunar eclipse occur?
When the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon
When the Sun moves between the Earth and the Moon
When the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun
How far, roughly, is the moon from the Earth?
About 8,500 miles (14,000 km)
About 40,000 miles (64,000 km)
About 240,000 miles (386,000 km)
About 650,000 miles (1,046,000 km)
What is the moon's atmosphere made of?
Frozen helium
When the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, which type of eclipse can occur?
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It seems there is a lot about the moon you still have left to discover. The moon has been in the center of many religions and cultures, as well as our hopes and dreams - for untold time. Maybe it's time to learn a bit more about it...
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Well, you certainly have a lot of knowledge about our moon! You achieved high scores and that means you know a lot more about the moon than the average Joe. You probably know quite a bit about space, physics and science in general. Congratulations, you aced this quiz!
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