Do You Know About the Great Science Discoveries?

From Physics to Chemistry and Biology, the great minds of the past gave us the technology we take for granted today: Immunizations, microwaves, electricity - and so much more. How much do you know about the great discoveries that shook the knowledge of the world as we know it, and brought about new periods of scientific progression? This test will ask you some tough questions, so do your best and good luck!
science trivia
The theory of gravity was first discovered by...
Albert Einstein
Isaac Newton
Charles Darwin
Michael Faraday
science trivia
And this theory of gravity was discovered in?
science trivia
It was one Louis Pasteur who discovered that... (hint: there is more than one correct answer)
How to create antidotes
new vaccines to immunize farm animals
How to destroy bacteria with heat
How to make antibiotics
science trivia
The discovery of Penicillin, the first antibiotic, was found in the year...
science trivia
And it was discovered by...
Francis Crick
James Watson
Alexander Fleming
Dimitry Mendelev
science trivia
He found penicillin by noticing that...
Bacteria can't survive in alcohol
Bacteria did not spread to moldy parts of bread
Bacteria does not spread in cold conditions
Bacteria dies on contact with white blood cells
science trivia
It was Wilhelm Roentgen, a German Physicist, who first discovered...
Quantum Theory
Theory of Relativity
The Periodic Table
science trivia
He Made This Discovery in the year...
science trivia
Before this man's discovery, we believed the sun revolved around the earth.
Johannes Kepler
Nicholas Copernicus
Galileo Galilei
Giovanni Cassini
science trivia
Was Marie Curie ever awarded a Nobel prize for her discoveries on radiation and heavy elements?
science trivia
Who discovered the HIV virus and its connection to the AIDS disease?
Luc Montagnier of France and Robert Gallo of the United States
Niels Bohr of Denmark
Henry Moseley of England and Barak Shalom of Israel
Sir. David Fletcher of England and Brooke Adams of the United States
science trivia
Niels Bohr was awarded the 1922 Nobel prize for his work on...
String theory
Discovery of Black Holes
Discovery of Black Matter
Quantum theory
science trivia
When was the very first gasoline-powered automobile with an internal combustion engine made?
science trivia
And who was the inventor of both engine and said first automobile?
Henry Ford
Karl Benz
Stephen Hawking
Richard Trevithick
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0-4 Answers Right
Well you didn't do so well on this one, but don't despair, see it as an opportunity to learn more about the big discoveries of the past!
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5-8 Correct Answers
You've done quite well for yourself! You may not have aced this test but you sure showed some surprising knowledge that most probably do not have about the great science discoveries. Obviously you've had a good education.
scientist holding vials science trivia quiz
9-14 Correct Answers
WOW! Your level of education must be high or maybe it is your intellectual curiosity? Whatever it is, you have a very impressive knowledge about the people and times involved with the great science discoveries. Bravo!!!
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