This General Trivia Quiz is Fun!

My favorite kind of quizzes are general knowledge quizzes. Why? Because I love being challenged by various subjects from all walks of life, seeing how I do and what I DON'T know, as I'm always eager to learn fascinating new things I never knew. In this quiz we've prepared 12 questions from various subjects for you to solve. Can you ace this test?
In terms of computing, what does CPU stand for?
Central Processing Unit
Core Processing Unit
Core Personal Unit
Central Personal Unit
What is the fastest bird in the world?
Peregrine Falcon
Maltese Falcon
Bald Eagle
Golden Eagle
How many dots are on 3 normal dice?
what the address of Sherlock Holmes?
221B Baker street
10 Downing street
12 Baulder Avenue
55 Watson Alley
Which country has the largest amount of different time zones?
Which sea has the highest salinity?
The Dead Sea
The Black Sea
The Red Sea
The Mediterranean
What is the name of the condition in which hostages develop a psychological alliance with their captors during captivity?
Stockholm Syndrome
Helsinki Syndrome
The Oslo Conundrum
The Paris Misattribution
What is the scientific term of fear of spiders?
What substance are fingernails made of?
Hardened skin cells
Connective tissue cells
Epithelial cells
What is the translation of the Japanese word "Karaoke"?
Empty Orchestra
Sing Alone
Friendly Orchestra
Friend Sing
How many sides does a pentadecagon have?
What is a sphygmomanometer?
Blood Pressure Meter
Blood Oxygen Meter
Lung Oxygen Meter
CSF Pressure Meter
How many bones there are in a shark's body?
Did We Hit Your Blind Spots?
Everyone has blind spots, we know people with blind spots you could drive a wagon through! Have a look at your mistakes and learn from the answers provided, and hopefully you'll have more luck next time!
Pretty Good! But Room for Improvement...
You did pretty well for yourself! You've hit above the average for this quiz, which should make you proud! You definitely have a pretty good and well rounded knowledge base, but you can still build on it and do even better. Have a look at your mistakes below to learn a bit more.
Your Knowledge is Astonishing!
You have an excellent well rounded education or knowledge base, and have met each of our questions with confidence. You have aced this test, my good madam or sir, and we grant you bragging rights!
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