What Do You Know About Genes?

We are literally made of genes. These little units of code that we get from our parents decide many of the traits we are born with and grow into. As such, genetics is incredibly important to the health and science industries. How much do YOU know about these important biological components?
Genes are made up of...
When a gene is 'expressed', it means it is...
Transported around the body to make proteins
Used as a blueprint to assemble the protein it codes for
Passed on from parents to children
Replicated within the cell
Where are most genes in animal, fungal and plant cells found?
In the cell membrane
In the cytoplasm
In the nucleus
In the mitochondria
In cells, long pieces of DNA are organized into individual units called...
Down Syndrome occurs when...
There's an extra copy of chromosome 21
There's a missing copy of chromosome 21
A specific gene mutation
Being exposed to drugs, alcohol or cigarette smoke during pregnancy
DNA is made up of repeating sub-units. These are called...
True or False: In the United States, it is currently legal to patent genes.
Which scientist is considered the father of the science of genetics?
Gregor Mendel
Albert Einstein
Isaac Newton
Charles Darwin
How many chromosomes do humans have?
Type A blood is dominant to Type O blood. Is it possible for a man and a woman, each with Type A blood, to have a child that is Type O?
Yes, if both parents carry a recessive gene for O blood.
No, with A dominant in both people it is not possible.
True or False: The DNA in the skin cells of your hand is significantly different in sequence from the DNA in your liver cells.
A Phenotype refers to the ______of an individual.
Genetic makeup
Actual physical appearance
An inactive gene
A type of chromosome
What is the shape of a DNA molecule called?
Double Helix
Try Again...
It doesn't seem like you know that much about genetics. We recommend you find out more because not only is the subject extremely interesting, but the future will bring with it a lot more genetic discoveries, making better medicine for all.
You Know Quite a Bit
You're no stranger to the subject of genetics. You probably know quite a bit about biology in general. The human body relies on these units of code to provide us with the blueprint to building a human being. Congrats on getting a good score!
You Know a LOT!
Congratulations on knowing so much about genetics. You must have a keen interest in all things biological, and why not, since it's not only a fascinating subject but one that will probably start affecting us all very soon, as more genetics-based medicines are being planned.
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