What Do You Know About Viruses?

 At this day and age when we are battling the virus Covid-19, one must ask - how much did we know about viruses before this pandemic? Do we know more now? Well, this quiz will give you the chance to prove it! This quiz will grill you on your knowledge regarding viruses, from their biology to their history. Are you ready to tackle our 15 virus questions?
True or False: Viruses are the biggest micro-organisms
Viruses are actually some of the smallest micro-organisms, much smaller than bacteria.
The word VIRUS comes from the Latin word for...
It also means slimy liquid
Invisible animal
Are viruses alive?
Because viruses cannot reproduce on their own, it's unclear to scientists if they can be said to be "alive"
Yes but need a host to live
No, they are just inanimate material
Yes, they reproduce and move
No, they are just packets of chemicals without a host cell
They are both dead and alive
Which of these CAN'T a virus attack and infect?
Other viruses
It can infect all of these
True or False: Without viruses humans wouldn't exist
It seems that about half of human DNA came from viruses
The best weapon against viruses are...
Vaccines, a weakened for of the virus, are usually the best way to fight them. Unfortunately they are not easy to make.
Anti-viral drugs
Which of these diseases is caused by a virus?
Which of these diseases is NOT caused by a virus?
What is there more of in the world? Viruses, bacteria or larger organisms like ants?
Larger Organisms
True or False: Viruses don't have their own genetic material.
They do, and they inject it into host cells to make them create more
Why are viruses able to move from different animals?
They can't, they have to adapt in preparation
They collect DNA from any host they are in to adapt
They "read" the DNA and adapt almost immediately
Only when animals transfer saliva to humans
Antiviral drugs fight viruses by...
Antiviral drugs do not destroy the pathogen, but they inhibit their development and slow down the progress of the disease.
Erasing their DNA
Inhibit their development
Destroying their lipid layer and letting them 'drown'
Invade the viruses same as another virus would do
Which of these viruses do we have an effective vaccine for?
Epstein-Barr virus
What is a retrovirus?
A virus that has RNA instead of DNA
An artificial virus scientists created
A new form of virus that can attack other viruses
An ancient form of virus discovered under the ice of the South Pole
Every milliliter of seawater contains about a _________ of virus particles
Lined up end to end, they'd stretch about 200 MILLION LIGHT YEARS into space! That's crazy.
Viruses are not your Forte
Perhaps biology is not your strong suit, or perhaps you were never too interested in the micro world of bacteria and viruses. In this day and age, that's not a good idea, since we need to understand our 'enemy' and that is definitely certain bacteria and viruses. Look at your mistakes and learn from them!
You Know a Bit About Viruses
You know a bit about viruses, which is the average in the main population. Most people don't know much about viruses, even though they have a complicated history with the human species as well as fresh outbreaks today, as we've recently seen. Viruses are a big part of the micro-organism world, and we should know more about them as well as how to protect against them.
You know quite a bit about viruses
You didn't get ALL questions right but you got quite a bit! You definitely know more about viruses than most people do. This means you have some scientific curiosity about the micro world and biology. This will help you quite a bit when it comes to avoiding virus attacks.
You're a Viral Lord!
You REALLY know your viruses and you probably have a lot of biological knowledge and biological curiosity about this science. Bacteria, viruses and diseases are incredibly important to know about, now more than ever. Good for you for your awesome knowledge!
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