What Do You Know About the Weather?

Weather is all around us, changing from day to day, minute to minute. It makes or breaks our day when we're outside, but also influences us when we're in. It's something mankind has always had to deal with. If we 'talked about the weather', how well would you fare?
Which of these is something weather does NOT depend on?
Wind speed
Atmospheric Pressure
Magnetic field
Which of these is NOT a type of cloud?
True or False: Fog is simply clouds that are low to the ground
If you’re out in the open during a storm, you should...
Lie flat on the ground
Take shelter under a tree
Use a cliff for shelter
Get away from high places
What is the hottest air temperature ever recorded on Earth?
134.1 °F (56.7 °C)
167.5 °F (75.2 °C)
145.1 °F (62.8 °C)
123.3.3 °F (50.5 °C)
Where was this temperature measured?
Death Valley, California
Flaming Mountains, China
Turbat, Pakistan
Sahara Desert
An abnormal rise in sea level accompanying a hurricane or other intense storm is called a...
Storm Surge
Tropical Wave
Post-Tropical Cyclone
A seasonal change in the direction of winds that can cause heavy rains or dry seasons is a...
El Niño
Which spins faster, a hurricane, which is formed on water, or a tornado, which is formed on land?
Why are clouds white?
They reflect the light of the sun
Because they contain ice
Because their chemical composition is like that of water vapors
Complete the sentence: While El Niño _______ the Pacific Ocean, La Niña _______ it.
Warms, cools
Cools, warms
Increases, depletes
Depletes, increases
True or False: You can count the chirps of grasshoppers outside to tell the temperature
Try Again...
Weather is always influencing us, even when we're inside our homes. To learn more about it is always beneficial, but talking about it CAN be boring as they say... How about looking at our answers and learning a few new things?
Pretty Good!
You know quite a lot about the weather, perhaps only missing a few pieces of information here and there. With you, one can actually talk about the weather and learn something! Good job.
Amateur Meteorologist
Weather is all around us and above us... but apparently not figuratively about YOU! Because you understand it very well indeed, and you understand what causes weather and all kinds of facts about it. We're really impressed! With you, talking about the weather might actually be interesting!
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