What Do You Know of the Atomic Bomb?

The atomic bomb is, arguably, the scariest weapon ever made by human hands. Its potential for destruction and long-lasting ruination of the environment are the stuff of nightmares. How much do you know about the mother of all bombs?
What was the name of the secret project in the United States to develop an atomic bomb?
The Manhattan Project
The Oppenheimer Project
The Einstein Project
The Nevada Project
An atomic bomb is what kind of nuclear weapon?
When a nuclear bomb explodes, how much of the energy it releases does the explosion represent?
50% of the energy released
10% of the energy released
90% of the energy released
25% of the energy released
What was the name of the bomb used at the first atom bomb TEST in July 1945?
Fat Man
Little Boy
Which nation built the next atomic bombs after the United States?
Soviet Union
United Kingdom
Who was the first to realize the Nazis were trying to make an Atomic bomb?
Albert Einstein
Franklin D. Roosevelt
J. Robert Oppenheimer
Winston Churchill
From the bombs dropped on Japan during WWII, which atomic bomb had more explosive power, Little Boy (Hiroshima) or Fat Man (Nagasaki)?
Little Boy
Fat Man
What scientist and leader of the atomic bomb research team is considered the father of the atomic bomb?
J. Robert Oppenheimer
Albert Einstein
Niels Bohr
Enrico Fermi
True or False: The designers of the first atomic bomb worried that testing it might possibly ignite the atmosphere and kill everything on earth, but they went ahead and detonated it anyway.
What was the name of the B29 bomber which dropped the first atomic bomb?
Enola Gay
Spirit of St. Louis
Where was the first atomic bomb built?
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Los Alamos, New Mexico
Hanford, Washington
Houston, Texas
What was the name of the biggest atomic bomb ever detonated?
Tsar Bomba
Fat Ivan
No Red Button For You
Well, it seems you need to learn more about nuclear weapons. Well, to be honest, we HOPE you'll never NEED to know this information, but it's a very dramatic subject and worth knowing more about. How about giving it another try or having a look at our answers?
Nuclear Intern
You know more than the average person about nuclear bombs. The power of nuclear weapons is tremendous and we should all know how dangerous they truly are. So it's good to see you did pretty well for yourself!
Nuclear Scientist
Wow, you know a LOT about nuclear bombs. Should we be scared? Actually, we can't blame you. The power of nuclear weapons is tremendous and we should all know how dangerous they truly are. Kudos on acing this quiz!
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