How Much Basic Physics Do You Know?

Physics is one of the main forces behind everything that happens in the world. The color of the sky, the stars, the atoms in our bodies and the light we see by - it's all part of physics, a huge system of behavior for the universe. How much of these universal secrets do you already know?
If you traveled from the Earth in a spaceship at speeds close to light speed, and returned after some years. You would find that...
You have returned to the past, several years before you left.
You have returned to find many more years have passed.
The Earth did not change at all.
You would not be able to go back, the Earth won't be there any more.
True or False: Among his many accomplishments, Galileo Galilei also invented the telescope to better see the skies.
Steven is standing on Mars holding an amount of gold that weight one pound. Lisa is holding an amount of gold that weighs one pound on Earth. All things being equal, which of them holds more gold?
Both are holding the same amount
There's no way of determining
Which of these natural phenomena does NOT create glass?
Volcano Eruption
Meteorites Striking the Earth
Ice Storm
Complete this law by Newton: "For every action.....
there is an equal and opposite reaction."
there is a series of following actions."
we pay in energy."
there is a huge change in time."
What is the speed of light?
186,000 miles per second or 300,000 km per second
300.000 miles per second or 482,000 km per second
115,000 miles per second or 186,000 km per second
100,000 miles per second or 160,000 km per second
What is a Nebula?
A supermassive black hole
A supermassive explosion
An interstellar cloud of materials
A cluster of galaxies
Which of these is NOT one of the 4 fundamental forces of nature encountered in physics?
Strong Force - Binds the Nucleus
Weak Force - Radioactive Decay
Electromagnetic - Binds Atoms
Solar Force - Binds light particles together
What does E = mc2, the famous equation by Einstein, actually mean?
Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.
Energy equals movement times the speed of light squared.
Electrical force equals momentum times the speed of light squared.
Electrical force equals mass times the speed of light squared.
What creates a sonic boom?
When an object goes through the air faster than the speed of sound
When a bomb explodes so strongly the sound waves cause devastation
A sonic boom is a communication method whales use to call over great distances
A weapon created by Germany during WWII to create devastation in London
What is the "God Particle" theory?
That there is a special particle made by God and it houses the soul
That there is a sub-atomic particle giving all other particles their mass
That the universe is a hologram created by God
That all the particles we see are actually strings without dimensions
What is the purpose of a particle accelerator?
To smash particles together in high speeds to break them apart
To create atomic energy for atomic power plants
To increase the energy of electrons and create electricity
To create energy by converting light to mass particles
Try Again?
You still have quite a bit to learn about the way our universe works. But not to worry, there is so much to learn no one knows it all! The most important thing is to keep being curious and be willing to learn more.
You Did Well
You didn't answer all correctly but you can certainly hold your own when it comes to discussing this universe of ours. You have some more to learn, but don't we all? You certainly have a scientific curiosity.
An Amateur Scientist
You know so much about physics, you could easily teach it! In fact, we hope you are. You stand on the knowledge of giants. Like them, you like to know and understand the world around you. This is a great attitude to life!
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