What Do You Know About Your Ears?

Our sense of sound is probably the second most important sense, after sight. Unlike sight, we use it constantly, whether we're awake or asleep. Our ears are always open, always screening the sounds around us. What do you know about the magnificent organs that help us navigate the world of sound?
What are the three parts of the ear?
Middle ear, inner ear, outer ear
Inner ear , ear drum, middle ear
Drum, cymbol and gitar
Anvil, shoe and stirrup
Which of these animals can best hear high frequencies?
What is the function of the middle ear?
Transforms sound waves into vibrations
Collect sound waves
Carry sound waves from the outer ear to the inner ear
The pinna, also known as the auricle, is the...
Outside of the ear, commonly referred to as just 'the ear'.
Thin sheet that vibrates when sound hits it
Bones in the middle ear
True or False: The ears contain the smallest bones in the human body.
Which of the following parts of the ear is in danger of being damaged when something is in your ear?
An ____ is a doctor who specializes in medicine related to the ear.
When a song gives you goosebumps, it may be because your body thinks you’re...
Having two ears specifically helps with which of the following?
Finding the direction of sounds
Differentiating between types of sounds
Locating the range of sounds
Listening to multiple sounds at the same time
Your ears help your balance because they...
Have a balance hormone they release
Have an equal amount of fluid in both ears
Know and signal the brain when your head is moving
They use sound for the body to find its balance
Which of the following is NOT a name for one or all of the bones in the middle ear?
A few drops of THIS can help soften and release the earwax in your ear.
Hydrogen peroxide
Baby oil
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You know more about the human ear than your average Joe, and you know most of what its functions are and how it does them. You still did not get the highest score, and there is some room for improvement, but we're convinced you know at least the basics about the ear. What do you say, care to try again? If not, you can always have a look at our answers and explanations.
You've Heard it All Before!
You're an ear expert! You've really impressed us with your knowledge about the human ear, the organ we use every moment of our lives. Our ears are one of those things that allow us to find our way in the world, but also to communicate, to experience the beauty of music and to hear our names said by our loved ones. They are an incredible part of our body. Congratulations on acing our quiz!
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