Men vs. Women: A Biology Test!

The human body is a very complex whole and we all learn about it quite a bit over the years - the next test will challenge your knowledge of this issue, but will not only focus on your body... between men and women there are quite a few differences and each side also has its own special characteristics. To get through it successfully you will need to prove that you know not only yourself well, but also the other men and women in your life!
Men's bodies create semen...
From puberty onwards
Until about age 50
Until about age 60
Until about age 70
Who has the more keen sense of smell?
No difference
Who has the more massive brain?
They are the same size
What is the role of the prostate?
It secretes the prostate fluid, which is an essential part of semen
It is where the body stores the sperm cells produced in the testicles
To regulate testosterone levels in the body
To maintain proper blood flow in the reproductive system
What is ovulation?
The process of egg maturation from the ovary
The process of detachment of the uterine lining that occurs a few days after an ovum in the uterus is not fertilized
Muscle contraction that causes menstrual cramps
The development of the endometrium
Which of these sentences is true?
In male cells there are X and Y chromosomes and in women there are two copies of X chromosome in each cell.
In female cells there are X and Y chromosomes and in men there are two copies of X chromosome in each cell.
True or False: Men digest food faster than women True or False: Men digest food faster than women.
Which of the following ingredients should women consume in greater quantity than men?
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D
Who suffers more from color blindness?
No difference
Who has the bigger heart, men or women?
No difference
How long does an average orgasm last for each sex?
10-15 seconds for men, about 20 seconds for women
About 5 seconds for men, 30-40 seconds for women
About 20 seconds for men, about 10 seconds for women
Same amount of time
Pick the correct sentence
The ovaries of adult women have about 500,000 eggs and their body does not produce additional eggs throughout life.
The ovaries of adult women have about 500 million eggs and their body does not produce more eggs throughout their life. A healthy man produces about 100 million sperm cells a day.
On average, the ones who have a faster heartbeat are...
No difference
Try Again?
We guess you were able to successfully answer most of the questions related to your body, but you had a lot of mistakes about the opposite sex so you could not pass this test ... You are strongly advised to see what are the correct answers to the questions that dropped you here, because it really does not hurt to know All the people around us better and learn how they are different from us.
Not Bad!
You may have made some mistakes on the test, but you still answered enough questions to prove that you have a great deal of knowledge about your body and the opposite sex. Your vast knowledge indicates great curiosity and caring towards all the people around you, and we have no doubt that they benefit from your wisdom - just like you!
You're an Absolute Champ!
Wow, you really know your sexes! Good for you, this is highly useful information about your bodies and the bodies of others. Clearly you have a strong standing in biology. Show us more of your knowledge by beating our other biology and science quizzes!
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