This Quiz Will Take You to Space...

How much does science interest you? Enough to know some important and interesting facts about outer space, the waves in the air, and how the world works? Prove it to us by acing our latest science quiz!
Which celestial body is depicted in this image?
A star
A moon
An asteroid
A comet
Which kind of waves are required for a mobile connection?
Radio waves
Sound waves
Light waves
Gravitational waves
Which layer of the Earth has the highest temperature?
The crust
The outer core
The mantle
The inner core
What is the source of tidal forces in the oceans?
The gravitational pull of the Moon
The Earth turning on its axis
The orbit of the Earth around the Sun
The gravitational pull of the Sun
What do light years measure?
The brightness of the stars
The mass of celestial bodies
Denver is located 1,609.344 m above sea level, whereas Los Angeles is just 71 m above sea level. Which of the following assertions is, therefore, correct?
The temperature at which water boils is higher in Denver than in Los Angeles
The temperature at which water boils is lower in Denver than in Los Angeles
The temperature at which water boils is the same in both cities
Which of these images more accurately shows how light passes through a magnifying glass?
Which characteristic determines the volume of a sound wave?
Its speed
Its amplitude
The length of the wave
Its frequency
What does this graph show?
That the level of tooth decay has increased in many countries in recent years
That people clean their teeth more often in certain countries than in others
That the more people consume sugar, the greater chance they have of experiencing tooth decay
That in recent years people have been consuming more and more sugar
Which substance is needed to produce nuclear energy?
Carbon dioxide
Sodium chloride
Who invented the polio vaccine?
Jonas Salk
Albert Einstein
Marie Curie
Isaac Newton
What name is given to the practice of studying how the stars and planets influence people's behavior?
Try Again...
You got a third or less of the answers right and that means it may be time to renew your basic science knowledge. After all, this is knowledge about how the world works, who knows when it might come in handy? Everyone should remember their science classes, so have a look at our answers to learn what you missed and learn some extra facts.
Nicely Done!
Not bad at all. You definitely remember most of your science lessons. However, due to the time that has passed since school, you may have forgotten some facts and that explains why you missed some answers as well. Have a look at our answers by clicking on 'show answers' and learn some new facts!
Utterly Brilliant!
Well, you obviously remember a LOT of your science lessons! Good for you! Not only do you have a really good memory, but you have an attention to detail and probably a will to keep this information alive in your head and your understanding of the world. You aced it!
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