How Much Human Psychology Do You Know?

Psychology, when looking at the world of science, is the new kid on the block. It's been around for less than 200 years in its current form, but in those years psychologists and psychiatrists have made a LOT of fascinating discoveries about the way we think, process information and act. Do you have the fundamentals of psychology hidden somewhere in your brain? Let's find out.
Holding hands with someone you love can...
Alleviate physical pain
Alleviate stress
Alleviate fear
All answers are correct
If you want to decrease your dissatisfaction with a task....
Stop doing it
Do opposites attract?
No, you are more likely to be attracted to someone like you
Yes, you are more likely to be attracted to someone different from you
Which of these facts is true?
Your mind “rewrites” monotonous speech of boring people to make it sound more interesting
You are most likely to fall in love with people who remind you of your highschool teacher
When something bad happens, people blame the situation and not the person
What is the halo effect?
The halo effect is when we see a halo in a bright color around someone
The halo effect is when one positive thing makes us believe there are other positive things about a person
The halo effect is when we believe nothing a person does is wrong in any way
The halo effect is when a Psychologist performs a healing of the patient
Which of these activities reduces psychological stress?
Which of these facts is UNTRUE?
The brain treats rejection like physical pain
The more uncertain you are, the more you dig in and defend your ideas
People with low self-esteem tend to “try” and humiliate others.
The 'placebo effect' is a myth, there is no such effect in reality
Which is these is NOT a psychological defense mechanism?
Jim tells Bob he always seems angry. Bob says: "You're the angry one!". Which defense mechanism is Bob using?
True or False: People who view TV crime shows consistently overestimate the frequency of crime in the real world.
Studies show that humans, when in groups, spend 80% of their time...
Asking questions
Across all human cultures, there are six facial emotions we all have. Which of these is NOT one of the six global emotions?
Psych Minor
You still have a lot to discover about this fascinating science. Psychology is still in its infancy, and there is so much still to discover about human beings. That said, there is a lot we already know and that might surprise and shock you. We really recommend reading more about it!
Psych Major
You have a good score, and you obviously have some fundamentals of human psychology down pat. It's an incredible important discipline to study, following in the footsteps of Freud, Adler and many other great scientists. If you'd like to see your mistakes and the full answers, click on 'Show Mistakes'.
Psych Professor
You ACED it! Good for you! It's so useful knowing the fundamentals of human psychology. Most of us are just visitors to this realm, trying to get by with logic and instinct, but having a good basis in human psychology offers so much more. You definitely know your stuff! If you'd like to see your mistakes and the full answers, click on 'Show Mistakes'.
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