Physics Trivia: What Do You Know?

Physics is a study of the most basic rules of the universe. It has taken the human species thousands of years to figure it out, just enough to know we've only seen the very tip of the iceberg. However, some things we HAVE learned, have you learned it too?
A washing machine uses the principle of...
Light travels at minimal speed when passing through...
A vacuum
Rain drops acquire a spherical shape due to...
Surface Tension=S_rf_c_ Te_s_o_
Does the brightness of a bulb depends on voltage or current?
Both voltage and current
Air pressure is usually highest when the air is...
Cool and moist
Warm and dry
Warm and moist
Cool and dry
Infrared light has a wavelength that is too long or short to be visible for humans?
Too short
Too long
Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named...
What is the irregular and instantaneous motion of air called?
Who discovered that a moving magnet generates an electric current known as electromagnetic induction?
Isaac Newton
Alexander Graham Bell
Thomas Edison
Michael Faraday
Sound of frequency below 20 Hz is called...
Cooking in the mountains takes longer than on the plains, because...
The atmospheric pressure in the mountains is lower than that in the plains and therefore water boils at a temperature lower than 100C
Due to low atmospheric pressure on the mountains, the water boils at a temperature higher than 100C and therefore water takes longer to boil
In the mountains the atmospheric density is low and therefore a lot of heat is lost to the atmosphere
Sound travels at the fastest speed in...
Shall We Try Again?
You still have quite a bit to learn about the way our universe works. But not to worry, there is so much to learn no one knows it all! The most important thing is to keep being curious and be willing to learn more.
You Know Some Physics!
You didn't answer all correctly but you can certainly hold your own when it comes to discussing this universe of ours. You have some more to learn, but don't we all? You certainly have a scientific curiosity.
You Know a Lot of Physics!
You know so much about physics, you could easily teach it! In fact, we hope you are. You stand on the knowledge of giants. Like them, you like to know and understand the world around you. This is a great attitude to life!
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