How Well Do You Know Reproduction?

Human reproduction is a VERY complicated affair. Even to know the basics of it requires quite a lot of biological knowledge. Do you have the information and the knowledge to answer some questions about human reproduction? Let's see how much you know!
How many eggs are females born with?
About 1 Million
About 5000
About 10,000
About 100,000
What is a Zygote?
A single cell entity that is formed by fusing the sperm and the egg
The act of a cell splitting over and over, creating more cells
Cell Death in an embryo
An unfertilized egg
When does fertilization have the highest chance of succeeding?
When the female is at the beginning of her menstrual cycle
When the female is at the middle of her menstrual cycle
When the female is at the end of her menstrual cycle
Right after the female has finished her menstrual cycle
True or False: Menopause occurs when the ovaries stop producing estrogen.
Who has the longer lifespan, an egg or a sperm?
When does ovulation take place?
When the sperm and the egg meet
When the sperm and the zygote meet
When the female's ovaries release an egg cell
When the baby reached its 4th month
Why are the testes outside the body and not inside of it?
Because the body is too warm for the semen
Because it makes ejaculation easier
We don't really know
Because they must stay close to the penis or they won't work properly
What is spermatogenesis?
The production of male semen
The natural death of male semen
Another name for ejaculation
Sperm health treatments to improve motility
What does the healthy female vagina need bacteria for?
To help maintain the PH of the female vagina
To help deliver sperm to the egg
To help in the broadening of the birth canal
To encourage ovulation
What is the female gonad called?
Birth Canal
Which hormone is responsible for increasing the supply of blood vessels for the egg?
What is the primary cause of Cervical Cancer?
Long-term infections from bacteria
The egg interacts with certain kinds of semen and becomes the root of the cancer
Long-term infection by the human papillomavirus (HPV) virus
Being exposed to toxic or radioactive materials near the cervix
You Have Much to Learn
Reproduction is complicated business. To be sure, one does not NEED to know all the details involved in order to bring a child into the world. That said, it's a fascinating topic and relevant to us all, and we'd recommend learning a bit more about it.
You Know Quite a Bit!
Your knowledge of reproduction is higher than average! You know quite a bit, although you still have some holes to fill. You're on a good first step towards understanding human reproduction in its glorious complexity. Good for you!
You're an Expert!
Human reproduction is indeed complex business, which means it's doubly impressive you know so much about it! Whether female or male, it's important to know these things, as well as fascinating! Congratulations on your high score, you ACED it!
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