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Which of the Founding Fathers Were You in a Past Life?

Which of the great US founding fathers were you in one of your past lives? Do you think you were the great George Washington, the confident Thomas Jefferson, or perhaps someone else? Take this personality quiz and find out!
What would you use to write your treaty with?
A quill
old typewriter
A typewriter
water drop on pencil tip
A pencil
white feather
An actual feather
lipstick on shirt collar
Have you ever cheated on a partner?
statue of Abraham Lincoln
What would be your first order of business if you became president?
Stop all wars
Establish universal healthcare
Establish a minimum living wage
Figure out how to make the government richer
old Paris
Where would you like to retire to after your service in government?
Upstate New York
Paris, France
beer drinking drawing
What's your preferred type of beer?
Samuel Adams Boston Lager
founding fathers
Who has the most impressive hairstyle?
George Washington
Alexander Hamilton
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin
What would you have used to smoke from?
smoking pipe
Wooden Pipe
smoking pipe
Corn Cob Pipe
smoking pipe
Black Tobacco Pipe
Cuban cigar
old painting of US politicians
What's the most important quality for a politician to have?
Historical knowledge
Pure intentions
office worker losing his temper
How often do you lose your temper?
Almost never
US politician giving a speech
Do you enjoy speaking in public?
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton
In a past life, you were Alexander Hamilton, a man who loved being the center of attention and who was incredibly quick-witted. He seemed to talk at a hundred miles per hour, and possessed impressive artistic abilities. If he weren't working for the government, he would have surely been writing poetry or plays.
George Washington
George Washington
In a past life, you were George Washington, a man who was known to be incredibly humble. He was the leader of the revolution and the first president of the United States. Even though he was 6 ft and 3 inches tall he would often say he's only 6 feet, since he never wanted to make a big show of himself.
John Adams
John Adams
In a past life, you were John Adams, a man who was known to be extremely warm and generous, despite being regularly mocked for his 'unattractive' appearance. Apart from that, he was shy and appeared aloof and perhaps sometimes a little conceited as well.
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson
In a past life, you were Thomas Jefferson, a man who was known to have a very commanding presence. He was the tallest of the founding fathers and carried himself with confidence and ease. He once said that he would "never abandon a plan, a principle or a friend".
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