What Do You Know About the US Constitution?

Think you're a true patriot of the USA? If so, then you're bound to know everything possible about the US constitution, right? It's time to find out...
American revolution
The Constitution was the first government set up after defeating the British.
US government
How many branches of government does the constitution call for?
One: legislative.
Two: legislative and judicial.
Two: legislative and executive.
Three: legislative, executive and judicial.
constitutional convention
Why was the constitutional convention of late 1787 called?
To draw up a brand new government.
To declare war on England!
To amend the Articles of Confederation.
signing the US constitution
What are the first ten amendments to the US Constitution known as?
The Points of Freedom
The Inalienable Rights
The Bill of Rights
The Forever Freedoms
What is Federalism?
The dividing of governmental power between central and state institutions.
The domination of central government.
The evisceration of central governmental power.
the Articles of Confederation
What could the government NOT do, according to the Articles of Confederation?
Declare War
Collect Taxes
Make Treaties
Conduct Foreign Affairs
court in the US
What infamous compromise settled the "slavery question"?
The Three-Fifths Compromise
The Kansas Compromise
The Missouri Compromise
The Compromise of 1850
Which of these rebellions happened under the Articles of Confederation?
The Boston Tea Party
The Whiskey Rebellion
Bacon's Rebellion
Shay's Rebellion
US judge
What is Judicial Review?
The Supreme Court reviews the other branches and make sure they don't mess up.
The process of the Supreme Court to declare whether or not a law is unconstitutional.
The ability of the Supreme Court to dispute statehood.
The Supreme Court reviews elections.
Washington DC
How is the US President elected?
Through the electoral college.
Through a national popular vote.
Elected by a vote in the Senate.
George Washington
Which political party platform did George Washington run on?
The Democratic-Republican Party
The Federalist Party
None, he did not declare for a party.
pouring alcohol away
The 18th Amendment was the only one that had another amendment to repeal it.
Washington DC
How can Congress overturn a presidential veto?
With a 2/3rds vote in both Houses of Congress.
With a 2/3rds vote in both House of Representatives.
The 3rd presidential election in 1796 resulted in a president and vice-president in 2 separate parties.
US slavery
Which constitutional amendment ended slavery?
The 11th Amendment
The 13th Amendment
The 15th Amendment
The 18th Amendment
electoral college
Can the electoral college reject a candidate and vote their conscience?
Yes, but they may face consequences.
Yes, they can, however they choose.
No, they must abide by their state constituents.
legal items
Constitutional Calamity!
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US constitution
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American concept
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