Are You More Air, Water or Fire?

According to the ancient traditions of Ayurvedic medicine, our bodies are dominated by one of three elemental energies which we are all composed of. Knowing which of these controls our character can actually help us tackle the root of most of our health problems. Answer the following 10 questions to see whether you are more 'Air', 'Water', or 'Fire'!
Which statement describes your body frame best?
Slim, tall or thin. Joints are prominent and muscles are thin or tined.
Medium and symmetrical. Muscles are well-developed.
Stocky, round or large. Thick and broad.
Which statement describes your body weight best?
Low. Lose weight easily.
Average. Easily gain or lose weight.
Heavy. Gain weight easily, which is hard to lose.
Which statement describes your eyes best?
Small and busy.
With a piercing and penetrating gaze.
Big, pretty and pleasant eyes.
Which statement describes your complexion best?
Thin, dry or rough.
Warm, often reddened. Prone to irritation, rashes or acne.
Smooth, moist or thick.
Which statement describes your hair best?
Frizzy, brittle or dry.
Fine. Thinning or premature graying.
Lush, thick, oily and shiny.
Which statement describes your sleep pattern best?
Light sleeper. Easily awoken.
Reasonably sound. Less than 8 hours is sufficient to be re-energized.
Heavy sleeper. Waking up in the morning takes a while.
Which statement describes your joints best?
Thin, pointed and prominent. Frequently crack.
Flexible or loose.
Large and padded.
Which statement describes your body temperature best?
Extremities are usually cold. I seek warmth.
Usually warm or overheated. I seek coolness.
I fit well with most climates, though I’m not fond of cold and wet places.
Which statement best describes you when you are under stress?
I feel worried or even anxious.
I get annoyed, angry or aggressive.
I withdraw and become reclusive.
Which statement describes your temperament best?
I’m full of vigor and enthusiasm. I change and adapt to situations and times.
I’m intense and reasoned. I challenge, discuss and persuade.
I’m easygoing and forgiving. I provide support and comfort.
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