How Well Do You Know The French Revolution?

The French Revolution was a watershed moment in European history. Think you know the basics? Show us what you've got by giving this quiz your full attention!
French revolution
In which year did the French Revolution commence?
French revolution
Who was the King of France when it began?
Louis XVI
Louis XIV
Charles III
Charles I
French revolution
Who led the Jacobins?
French revolution
What happened to Notre Dame during the Revolution?
It became the Temple of Reason
It was used as a dungeon.
It became a nunnery.
It was turned into an armory.
French revolution
Which of these was NOT a political faction?
French revolution
How many prisoners were being kept in the Bastille when it was stormed in 1789?
French revolution
Why did around 7,000 women end up marching on Versailles?
Because of bread shortages in Paris.
Because they were feeling the plague.
Because they wanted Marie-Antoinette's execution.
Because they wanted universal suffrage.
French revolution
How many people were guillotined during the Reign of Terror?
French revolution
What effectively ended the Reign of Terror?
Robespierre's execution
Napoleon's coronation
The storming of the Bastille
The Tennis Court Oath
jail cell
You Surrender!
Sacr? bleu! From the results of this test, it's apparent that your knowledge of the French revolution is a little lacking. Don't worry though, since we've got plenty of historical articles right here on BabaMail, so with a little time and practice you can become a source of historical knowledge in no time at all! Remember, if we don't strive to keep history in our hearts, the mistakes of the past are bound to keep repeating themselves.
French flag
Vive la R?volution
Nice job! While you didn't get all of the answers right, it's apparent that you are pretty sharp when it comes to the events of the French revolution. Keep up the good work, and you may one day become one of the finest scholars of French history the world has ever seen! Make sure you share this quiz with your friends and family, to see if they share your revolutionary spirit!
waving French flag
Hero of the Revolution
Wow! From the results of this test, it's clear that you are extremely well-informed about all of the events of the French revolution. This is wonderful to hear, since it shows that in this forward-thinking world, there are still some souls out there who have a love for all the great events that happened in our past. Make sure you share this quiz with your friends and family, to see if they share your revolutionary spirit!
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