How Much Do You Know About the Vikings?

The legendary world of the Vikings was full of fantastic mythologies, customs and mysteries. Do you have any idea what weapon Thor used, or where Vikings believed they went after they died? Test your knowledge of all things related to the Vikings with this fun and family-friendly trivia quiz.
group of vikings
Where did the Vikings originally come from?
All of the above
lightning at twilight
What weapon did Thor, God of Thunder, wield?
viking items
How did Vikings usually travel?
On horseback
On foot
By ship
By chariot
viking jumping off ship
When did the first Viking raid on Britain take place?
434 AD
787 AD
956 AD
1206 AD
female viking on horse
How many legs did Odin's horse have?
vikings on ship
Approximately, when did the Age of the Vikings come to an end in Europe?
400 AD
800 AD
1100 AD
1400 AD
viking in front of ship
Which famous Viking was King of Norway, Denmark, parts of Sweden and England?
Cnut the Great
Eric Bloodaxe
Bjorn Ironside
Ragnar Lodbrok
monk in monastery
Why did Vikings frequently attack monasteries?
Monasteries were often undefended.
Monks made useful slaves.
Monasteries were often full of treasure and useful supplies.
All of the above.
viking ship at twilight
What did Vikings believe connected the Earth to the heavens?
A golden staircase
A diamond ladder
A crystal river
A rainbow bridge
viking runes
What are Viking letters called?
viking longship on lake
How far could Viking longships travel in a day?
100km (62 miles)
200km (124 miles)
500km (310 miles)
800km (497 miles)
Valkyrie and Thor
Where did Vikings believe they went when they died?
viking fighters charging
Which religion had the greatest influence over Vikings?
viking craftswoman
Which of these things were you not able to purchase at a Viking marketplace?
Cowrie shells
Amber beads
old viking drawing
Which birds sat on Odin's throne?
Fledgling Viking
Oh dear! Your score shows us that you're not as knowledgeable about the world of Vikings as Thor and Odin would have liked. As punishment, the Norse gods have sentenced you to an hour of Viking study a week, so that you'll have a better chance of gaining their favor next time you take this quiz. You never know, with a bit of effort you might just find yourself feeling compelled to purchase a greatsword and a longship, and setting out on a grand adventure soon enough!
viking fighter in forest
Respected Viking Warrior
Pretty good! While your results aren't entirely flawless, they show that you've got quite a decent understanding of the way the world of the Vikings worked. In fact, it's highly unlikely that anyone's going to catch you out on your knowledge of the Norse gods, Viking ships or heroes any time soon. Be careful though, if you spend much more time studying these powerful men's ancient ways, you might start unwittingly adopting one or two of their habits, which may not be entirely pleasant for your friends and family members.
Thor, God of Thunder
God of the Vikings
Outstanding! Your incredible score shows that there's very little that you don't know about the world of the Vikings. Thor, Odin and Loki are extremely proud of your accomplishments and have cordially invited you to join them in the halls of Valhalla, when you feel that you're ready. Whether you choose to get there by flying with Valkyries or by hitching a ride with Odin's eight-legged steed, we're sure that you'll fit right in, as you'll certainly have plenty of topics to talk about!
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