The classiest indoor tennis facilities serve bubble tea.
I like my matches like my tennis balls: Pressureless.
A man named Martin Draw was campaigning for the Senate. He printed up shirts saying “I’m with Draw” to support his campaign. The next day, he wore the shirt to a tennis tournament. When he walked up to the tournament desk, the director handed him his money back and asked him why he couldn’t play.
I used to hate tennis, but ever since I’ve started winning 6-0, I love it now.
My friend Elmer’s has gotten really good at tennis ever since he stuck to a healthier diet and went glue-ten free.
I like my breakfast like my tennis grip: Continental.
I wish they’d change the scoring system, but tennis is set in its ways and doesn’t see the point.
Tennis is a lot like waiting tables. The most important thing to get right is the first serve.
Is there a bathroom in this tennis club? Because I’m about to drop a deuce.
Native Americans used to have their own professional tennis tournaments, and provided free housing to players from other tribes. They called it the A Tee Pee Tour. (No disrespect to Native Americans!)
Pick-up line: You might as well play be a tennis player, because I’m about to court you girl.
Did you see the guy with quad-arms play tennis? He has a great four-hand.
Fred is so condescending about my tennis strokes. I can’t take any more of his backhanded compliments.
The walls in this tennis factory are so thin, that when I try to get some work done, all I hear is people making a racquet.
Where is the first tennis match mentioned in the Bible?
When Joseph served in Pharaoh’s court.