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Q. What is a popular search engine for ghosts?
A. GHOULgle!
What is the most popular valentine among nuts? The one that says “I’m nuts for you.”
What is a popular name for girl peanuts?
"This graveyard's gotten way too popular," said the zombie to the vampire.
"People are dying to get in."
Who's the most popular kitchen appliance?
The freezer, he's really cool
In the medieval ages, chess was a very popular game among Kings and Queens. This was because they had castles in it!
Wisdom or Money? A man goes on a trip to the desert. At one point, he walks off alone, and suddenly stumbles upon an old lamp. It's old but may bring a few bits, he rubs the lamp and is amazed when a genie pops out! The genie says that he will grant the man only one wish, and that he has to pick from three choices. He can either be the richest man in the world, the most popular man in the world, or the wisest man in the world. The man says "We all know that money does not bring happiness, and that popularity just makes you a slave to the whims of others, but wisdom is everlasting. I want to be the wisest man in the world." The Genie goes "poof" and suddenly the man's face assumes a serene expression. He sits down, rubbing his chin in thought. Then he looks towards the genie and says, "I should have taken the money".
What is the most popular console with the vikings?
The axe-box
What type of hairstyle is popular with polar bears?
Frosted tips.
Why is Frankenstein’s monster so popular?
He’s a real people person.
What was the most popular kids' movie in Ancient Greece?
Troy Story.
What's the most popular sport for tall women? Wrestling each other over men who are taller than them.
Will glass coffins ever become popular?
This remains to be seen.
What was the most popular dance move in the colonies in 1776?
What is the popular computer game that crows play? Caw of Duty!
The Perfect Car for His Wife A man walks into a car dealership. A salesman greets him at the door and after some chatting they end up taking a car for a test drive. “This car is so quiet sir” exclaims the salesman “the ride is calm and relaxing”. The man shakes his head “No, I’m buying this car for my wife and I certainly wouldn’t describe her as the ‘quiet and calm’ type”. The salesman quickly transfers his potential buyer to another car. “Then perhaps this would be more her style! This car is quick, sleek and agile”. The man sighs “no, my wife is certainly not the ‘sleek’ type by any means.” Frustrated, the salesman transfers the man to a third car, a sure winner. “Now sir, I happen to know this car is very popular. Nearly every man who has been here has taken it for a test drive-“ “Sold!”
Q: Why are orange and banana phones so popular these days?
A: They have appeal.
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