Do You Know Your Nose?

Smell is a very powerful sense. We rarely compare it to sight and hearing, because they dominate us so, but smell, and our nose, play a crucial part in the human anatomy and experience. How much do you know about your nose? Let us test you!
When you smell the aroma of a fresh flower, what part of your nose actually senses and helps you recognize the smell?
Olfactory receptors
Mucous membrane
Which parts of your nose work to protect your lungs from dirt, germs and other irritants in the air?
Nostrils and mucous membrane
Mucous membrane and nose hairs
Septum and nose hairs
Your nasal cavity leads air to ______ to take air to and from your lungs?
Your nostrils
Your septum
Your trachea
Your stomach
What does your nose do to the air as it goes to the lungs?
Warms it
Moistens it
Filters it
All answers are correct
What is the name of the thin layer of tissue on the inside of your nose called?
Mucous membrane
Nasal cavity
The mucus in your nose works with your hair to trap what?
Dust and germs
Toxic gases
All answers are correct
What is the part of your nose that senses the smells around you?
Bronchial Tube
Olfactory Epithelium
What is the inability to perceive odor called?
The brain lobe responsible for smell is the...
Parietal lobe
Frontal lobe
Temporal lobe
Occipital lobe
These are the tiny hairs inside your nose.
Nasal Cavities
How does the cilia move foreign bodies such as dust and bacteria?
They wave back and forth
They jump up and down
They vibrate
They push and pull
True or False: Our sense of smell is different from the other four senses in how it is connected in the brain.
No Nose
Unfortunately it doesn't seem like you know all that much about your nose and sense of smell. How about a second try, or, alternatively, you can check out your mistakes.
Well Done
You know more about the human nose than your average Joe, and you know most of what its functions are and how it does them. However, you still did not get the highest score, and there is some room for improvement. What do you say, care to try again? If not, you can always have a look at your mistakes.
Nose Expert!
Well you certainly have a lot of knowledge about the human nose and our sense of smell. You achieved high scores and that means you know a lot more than the average Joe about noses and smells. Congratulations, you aced this quiz!
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