Test Your Knowledge With Our General Science Quiz!

Do you remember any of your science lessons? Do you like knowing things about the world, its history, biology, botany, chemistry and physics? There are so many interesting things to know. Can we challenge your scientific knowledge to see if we can teach you some new facts?
What causes tsunamis?
Nobody knows
Earthquakes on the sea floor
High air pressure
Huge Storms
True or False: Strawberry is the only fruit that grows its seeds on the outside.
What does a fuse do?
Acts as a fire-breaker
Allows a machine to make calculations
It supplies power to a machine
It prevents the machine from shutting off
Which of these is NOT a World Wonder? (Photo is only for illustration)
Great Wall of China
Machu Picchu
Taj Mahal
Eiffel Tower
Which country is the largest emitter of carbon dioxide?
United States
What was the first form of aspirin made of?
Willow tree bark
Oak tree bark
Pineapple Oil
Blueberry Oil
What causes a black hole?
The collapse of a star
A collision between galaxies
It's a scientific mystery
It's the last step before it becomes a sun
What three colors is human vision based on?
Red, green and blue
Red, blue and yellow
Blue, green and yellow
Red, yellow and green
Abraham Lincoln used to do one of these as a hobby.
Public Poetry
Playing Concert Piano
Painting portraits
Which of these is NOT a type of cloud?
If an object is blue, that means it...
Reflects all wavelength colors except for blue
Only absorbs the blue wavelength
Only reflects the blue wavelength
is made of blue atoms
Plastic bags take 10-20 years to decompose. How long does it take plastic BOTTLES?
5 years
40 years
450 years
10,000 years
Time For Some Science Lessons
You got a third or less of the answers right and that means it may be time to renew your basic science knowledge. After all, this is knowledge about how the world works, who knows when it might come in handy? Everyone should remember their science classes, so have a look at our answers to learn what you missed and learn some extra facts.
Good Job!
Not bad at all. You definitely remember most of your science lessons. However, due to the time that has passed since school, you may have forgotten some facts and that explains why you missed some answers as well. Have a look at our answers by clicking on 'show answers' and learn some new facts!
You ACED It!
Well, you obviously remember a LOT of your science lessons! Good for you! Not only do you have a really good memory, but you have an attention to detail and probably a will to keep this information alive in your head and your understanding of the world. You aced it!
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