Test Your General Knowledge

Have you already done something today to exercise your brain and improve your intelligence? If not, then you should spend a few minutes on a special test that will challenge your general knowledge, and if so, it means that you have already been 'warmed up' and that you are ready to excel in this challenge! We have collected 15 trivia questions for you on topics related to geography, history, science, finance and the wider world that surrounds us in general. Some are relatively easy and others will only be answered by a select few making a mistake. Do you think you will reach the top of the championship table in this test? Start answering and good luck!
General knowledge test: Renault car
In which country was the "Renault" automobile company established?
Czech Republic
General knowledge test: Trophy
Thanks to what branch did the athlete Conor McGregor become famous?
General knowledge test: the capital of Estonia
Kaupo Kalda
What are the colors of the Estonian flag?
Blue black and white
Red and white
Blue and white
Blue, red and white
In Portuguese, what does the word "livro" mean?
General knowledge test: a man with a tablet
In which field is the Israeli high-tech company "Check Point" engaged?
Data Security
Navigation software
Software testing services
Hardware development
General knowledge test: a small pot
Which of the following countries is the smallest in area?
General knowledge test: a statue for the Abba band
To which song is attributed the great break into the global consciousness of the band ABBA?
Mamma Mia
Dancing Queen
Super Trouper
General knowledge test: Chicago
In which state is the American city of Chicago located?
General knowledge test: Man with a guitar
How many strings are there on a typical regular guitar?
General knowledge test: balls
What is the main use of the drug Cipralex (Escitalopram)?
Treatment of depression
Lowering blood pressure
Treatment of chronic headaches
Fatty liver rehabilitation
General knowledge test: Napoleon's silhouette
What year did Napoleon Bonaparte die?
What is the main gas in the sun's composition?
In Arabic, what does "shukran" mean?
Thank you
What is "capital gain"?
Loss on an investment
Profit from selling an asset
Interest earned on savings
Money spent on an asset
Who was the leader of the Haitian Revolution?
Simon Bolivar
Toussaint Louverture
Jean-Jacques Dessalines
Francisco de Miranda
General knowledge test: folding draft papers in frustration
You should try again...
Your brain probably still needs a little practice and improvement in order to excel in such tests, and that's perfectly fine to be honest because trying and making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn in life, certainly when it comes to general knowledge details like the ones you were asked about throughout the test. You may have made too many guesses without thinking about them, or with a little more concentration you would have been able to recall various details that would have helped you find the right answer. For you to do this, because we believe that you definitely have what it takes to improve this result.
General knowledge test: thumbs up
Nice job, but there is room for improvement
This test was challenging, but you managed to handle it well and there is no doubt that there are people who made many more mistakes than you. Now is the time to think if you made a lot of guesses that you can correct to get a better result, or if you prefer to go over the correct answers to enrich your knowledge for the next test and for life in general. Either way, it's important that you know you did a great job and in any other test you probably would have gotten the best result, so don't despair!
General knowledge test: child genius
Your general knowledge is very broad!
Successfully answering such a number of questions from a diverse and challenging selection as was the one in this test, is a respectable and very impressive achievement! Very few people manage to get such a high score, and even if you did it after an attempt or two, you still get compliments from here until further notice. Now all that's left to do is see if you've made it to the top of our champion chart, and even if you haven't, you definitely have enough knowledge to do it in another test.
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