What Annoys You?

Living in today's modern, busy world, it's hard not to get at least a little annoyed every day. We are constantly surrounded by people, whether at work, at home or anywhere we go. So it's to be expected some things will get under our skin. What REALLY riles you up? What do you find unbearably annoying? Let's find out...
You are walking down the street when you see your neighbor, who has always been nice to you, kicking their dog. What do you do?
I will stop them immediately, by force if needed
I will ask them to stop
I will ask them why they are doing this, there may be a reason
It's none of my business
You see a strange UFO in the sky, but your family doesn't believe you really saw it. How does that make you feel?
Insanely angry
Disappointed in them
A little sad
Can't really blame them, it sounds crazy
You take your car to an expert mechanic. He wants a bit more than you think it should cost. What do you do?
I'll pay it, at least I'll know it's done well
I'll immediately take my car somewhere else and never come back
I will try to negotiate a little but eventually stay. Not worth the bother.
I'll pay it but I won't be coming back
Which animal do you dislike the most (or like the least)?
Your boss takes credit for something you've done and gets many compliments. No one knows you've done it, but he gives you a raise. How do you feel?
No way am I not getting credit for something I've done. I'll go over his head
A raise will have to do
I'd rather have a raise than the credit
I would probably quit and go somewhere I can be appreciated for my work
Are you good at finding deals for your purchases?
No, I'm terrible at it actually
I don't really try, I just go and buy what I like
I am the deal MASTER
I usually find decent deals for most of the stuff I buy
Which of these managing jobs would you rather have if money wasn't a factor? Be honest!
Managing an important company with many employees
Managing a busy hospital
Managing a charity fund
Managing a highly prestigious organization of any size
You go to a doctor who is quite rude and brisk in his manner. A few days later, you also find out he gave you the wrong diagnosis. How do you feel?
Angry that this jerk is also incompetent
I was already really angry about how he acted, this doesn't change much, mistakes happen
I wasn't angry before but NOW I am, how can you be so careless?
I wasn't angry before and am not angry now, mistakes happen and doctors are busy
Your walls are a bit thin, and sometimes you hear the neighbor berating her husband terribly, making fun of him and putting him down. What do you do?
Nothing. None of my business and may cause me trouble.
I'll interfere because they are disturbing my quiet
I can't stand it, I'd have to talk to her or to him. No-one should live like this.
I'd ask that if she has to speak that way, please do it so we don't need to listen to it
What do you like (or think you would like) most about being at a fancy hotel?
The kind and handy service people
Getting lots of free pampering and things you usually pay for
Being catered to and fussed over
Not having to deal with rude and mean people for a while
What bothers you most about riding the bus?
Drivers who are rude and obnoxious
Not knowing if I'll be able to sit
Seeing the sad, poor or mentally disabled people on the bus
The time it takes to get to my destination
None of these bothers me
When you fight with your significant other or close family member, what do you most fight about?
Something hurtful that was said
Something they didn't do even though I asked
We disagree about how to do something
Them being inconsiderate of my needs
You can't stand seeing people being cruel or mean for no good reason. Sure, most people dislike cruelty, but for you it's a bigger deal, you feel it viscerally. You just can't stand idly by and watch it happen. No matter if it's human, animal or maybe even plant, acts of cruelty drive you up the wall!
You just can't take it when people are rude, either to you or to others. Being polite is more than just nice words, it's taking care not to disrupt the lives of people around you, and so when someone does that to you, it can drive you up the wall, especially if the person is not only inconsiderate but also rude in word and action! There are few people you despise more than the rude and inconsiderate.
Not being taken seriously
If there's something you can't stand, it's when people either don't take you seriously or don't listen to you. Whether it's at work, at home or just on the street, being ignored or not taken seriously can send some of us over the edge! So we totally understand your ire!
Being taken for a ride
No one likes being taken advantage of, but you really despise it, and will do what it takes to make sure no one gets a free ride off of you. You work for your money and for your time, and when people try to swindle you, no matter the amount or the goal, it really gets under your skin and causes an immediate dislike of that person.
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