What Kind of Retirement Do You Need?

What are you going to do for your retirement? That is a question that plagues many, even if they have already retired! Indeed, it's hard, after a long life of working each day, to decide what to do with the rest of your life. So why not let your subconscious, a much smarter part of your psyche, make the choice for you? Pick the photos that most attract, don't give it too much thought - and let's see if we can tell you what your retirement should be like.
Choose one of these cars...
beetle car
sports car
Choose one of these cups...
cup of tea
cup of coffee on balcony
cup of green shake
cup of wine
Choose one of these flower arrangements...
simple flower bouquet
flower bouquet in a basket
flower bouquet
colorful flower bouquet
Choose one of these tables...
dinner table
dinner table
dinner table
dinner table
Choose one of these bags...
leather bag
quilted bag
travel bag
trendy bag
Choose one of these houses...
family house
country house
modern house
colorful house
Jakob von Raumer
Choose where you'd like to sit...
woman on sofa
lesson in the university
roller coaster
woman sitting on rock outdoors
Choose one of these animals...
Choose one of these windows...
painted glass window
urban view window
nature view window
Your retirement should focus on nature and travel.
personality quiz: a couple in the forest
By your photo selection, something in your subconscious draws you to the world of travelling and nature. It can be assumed that these are already things that interest you and fill you with joy, and if that is the case then you have double the reason to invest in them after retiring. After all, the world is full of so many wonders, for all ages, and visiting as many of them as possible will do you only good. When the day comes, go and explore the world - your inquisitive nature and your passion to see the world will definitely benefit.
Your retirement should focus on family and rest.
personality quiz: senior man reading newspaper on a bench
After working hard all your life, when retiring you have earned the right ot relax and spend time with your friends and family. According to your choices, these are the things your spirit needs more than all, and it's not hard to guess why. It's a wonderful thing living life without pressure and alongside people who know how to appreciate all your good qualities and enjoy spending time with you. So don't feel pressured to do more than that. It's your time to rest!
Your retirement should focus on hobbies and learning.
quiz: old woman reading a book
For you, life is a non-stop journey of learning, and that's something that is evident in your photo choices. This means the perfect retirement are those that keep your mind engaged and active, and that is why you also have a strong desire to keep learning and take up your beloved past hobbies, as well as adopt some new ones. This will surely keep your retirement interesting and your brain sharp.
Your retirement should focus on having the most fun you can!
quiz: nicely dressed senior man writing on typewriter
According to this quiz, you have a young spirit that wants to enjoy and get the most out of life, even, and especially, after retirement. People like you are always looking for new experiences instead of looking back into the past. In essence, they never grow old! So whatever your age, it's important to let your inner desires be expressed and not be afraid of what others will say or think. There is no limit of age on your favorite behaviors, so enjoy yourself!
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