What Do You Know About HIV?

HIV, also known as the AIDS disease (one causes the other), has killed dozens of millions of people over the last few decades. However, with recent medical advances, this terrifying disease has been at least declawed, if not defeated. What do you know about one of the worst ongoing viruses?
True or False: AIDS is considered a chronic disease today and not a terminal one
In which of these ways can a person contract HIV?
A baby drinking milk from an infected woman
Sharing needles with an infected person
Having unprotected intercourse with an infected person
All answers are correct
And so, what is required for transmission of the virus to happen?
Only contact between body fluids
Either contact between body fluids or spit
Either contact between body fluids, spit or sharing water
Either contact between body fluids, spit, close skin contact and sharing water
Which of these diseases is very common among AIDS patients?
True or False: The AIDS disease can kill a patient directly
How long can HIV lie dormant before it erupts into AIDS?
2-15 years
6-10 months
2-3 years
20-30 years
True or False: Some people are born with a genetic immunity to HIV
The virus is made from a genetic material called...
In what year was HIV discovered?
What does HIV stand for?
Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Hyper Immunodeficiency Virus
Hyper Immunodeficiency Vehicle
Human Immunodeficiency Vehicle
What part of the body does the virus target?
Immunity System
Which famous actor announced in 2015 he had contracted HIV?
Charlie Sheen
Robert Downy Jr.
Mathew McConaughey
Jamie Foxx
What kind of cells does HIV infect?
White blood cells
Red blood cells
Epithelial cells
More to Learn
Your score is low, and we're afraid it means you just have more to learn about this virus and the disease it causes. It may not be as famous anymore or as frightening, but it's still out there, and it's still causing deaths. We'd recommend to know what you can about it.
You know quite a bit about HIV and AIDS, and you probably know enough to avoid it, since it's still out there and is still an active virus we need to avoid. That said, you still have some more information to absorb, so have a look at our own answers or try your hand again!
Most Excellent!
Your knowledge about HIV and AIDS is very impressive. It's so important people are still aware of active viruses, and HIV has not gone away, despite how some may feel. Knowing your enemy is the best way to avoid it, so congratulations on acing this health quiz!
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