Find Out Which Mythological Creature You Are

 The legends and mythologies of ancient peoples immortalized some of the strangest and most interesting creatures mentioned in Old World literature. Many of these creatures were a combination of different animals that when put together, created a new entity with unique characteristics that were not attributed to any other creature in the real or imagined world. From courage, through the desire to impose power to increased spiritual ability, these creatures have quite a lot in common with us humans, and with the next quiz you can find out what you mythological soul creature is. So answer the following questions and find out which larger-than-life mythological traits lie in your personality. The answers might just surprise you...
man with head down in his palm
Someone close to you has told you that he has done something illegal. How do you react?
Try to help him as much as possible, even at the price of risking myself.
Tell him not to talk to anyone other than a lawyer.
Support him every step of the way and look for the best legal help.
Talk sense to him and convince him to stop with what he’s doing immediately.
Tell him everything will be all right and that he can get through this if he makes an effort.
organized office desk
Would you describe yourself as a neat and organized person?
Depends on the situation
map of the world
In which of the following places would you most like to live?
In a small village where everyone knows everyone
In a quiet, remote city where my family and I will live in peace
In a large mansion with many rooms
I would not change my house for anywhere in the world
In a beautiful apartment in a big populated city
man writing a note
There are rumors at work about a wave of future layoffs. What do you do with this information?
Wait to see if it actually happens and help those who are laid off
I won’t tell anyone about it. There is no point in creating panic because of rumors
Suggest that the workers strike until management corrects the situation and finds a solution which doesn’t involve layoffs
I'll set up a social media group to think about a solution and offer help to those who need it
Being laid off is difficult, but there are more serious things in life, and if there are indeed layoffs, I will comfort those who lose their jobs
Illustration of an open hand with an ear and sound waves
Which of the following do you use the most?
Ears for listening
Brain for understanding
Hands for building
Heart for accepting
Sixth sense for natural instincts
White wall with white frame
Which of the following pictures most calms you?
pair of dogs in front of a sunset
couple riding a bike and kissing
field of purple and red tulips
an ocean with clouds reflected in it
two women in a river using a big leaf as shelter from the rain
a man hiding his face with a paper that has a question mark
If you could be an animal, what would you choose?
notebook with a pen on it
You have to do an important group assignment for school/work and you find that you got confused on the due date and you have less time to complete your part than you thought. How do you react?
I'll hurry to do my part and also make sure others know the correct due date as well.
I won’t tell the rest of the group members and I'll work day in and out the make sure it gets done properly.
I'll inform the other members of the group so that they are made aware of the situation and reassure them that everything is under control and that I’ll complete the task on time
I'll try to stay calm and do my part with the time I have left
illustration of women holding a scale
How do you react when you see situations of injustice in front of you?
Intervene and try to prevent a deterioration of the situation
Listen to both sides to find out what happened and only after that decide what to do
Protect the weak side
Try to calm both sides in order to neutralize the situation and then try to resolve it
a man and a women having a cup of coffee together
What's your biggest strength?
My generosity
Ability to listen
Leadership skills
Remaining calm
A healthy sense of humor
film reel
What kind of movies do you prefer to watch in your spare time?
Romantic comedy
Comedic drama
chalkboard with white question mark
If you could do anything, which of the following would you choose?
I would cure physical diseases
I would cure mental illnesses
I would teach the world how to be more advanced in every field
I would be financially helpful to people who need it
I would give people the ability to improve their lives in a constructive way
woman blocking her face with her hand
Which of the following is your biggest fear?
To be left alone in the world
People taking advantage of my weaknesses
To be helpless and dependent on others
To feel anxious and stressed all the time
To fall into severe depression
wooden carriage with barrels on it
If you were living in an age without modern technology, how would you spend your time?
Meeting and spending time with the people around me
Conducting deep conversations with my friends
Trying to advance the world in various areas
Traveling around the world as best I could
Trying to fill every day with adventures
Horse with wings
This unique creature, described in Greek mythology as a white horse with wings that carry it from place to place, is synonymous with self-sacrifice, wisdom and helping others. Like the Pegasus, you are aware of the people around you and don't hesitate to help them when necessary, even if it means that you’ll lose something as a result. Your high emotional intelligence is what enables you to decipher the needs of those around you without being told, and you are always ready to help them in times of crisis, which makes you loved.
Drawing of a man with wings
?????? ?????????-????????
The Sphinx is described in both Greek mythology and Egyptian mythology in a slightly different manner, but are the same at their core - the body of a lion and the head of a man, sometimes with wings. These powerful creatures protect secrets and so do you. You know how to keep a secret and not reveal all your cards at once. Another outstanding trait is the desire to protect the people close to you from those who want to hurt them, and they certainly feel relaxed around you thanks to your strength and your willingness to keep them safe.
Illustration of an animal with a head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion
Joshua Stephen Mersereau
The Griffin is a strong mythical creature with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion - two animals that control the air and the earth. Like the Griffin, you also tend to show strength against your environment, and you have special leadership abilities that many people don’t. You are known as the leader among your friends. But while you may have the power, you can use it for both good and bad. Your inner struggle between positivity and negativity is part of your desire not to fall from the top, but it is certainly recommended that you use this power for the best and not take advantage of it.
Kirin (Qilin)
statue of a dragon with hooves
The Kirin can be described as the Asian version of a unicorn and looks like a hooved dragon with one or two horns. Like the famous unicorn, the Kirin is a symbol of prosperity and success, and people who are part of your life certainly feel lucky to be near you. Besides for that, you can instill a sense of calm among the people around you, even in the most difficult moments, and this is one of your best qualities that makes you a supporting rock for people in crisis and also a source of stability.
A creature with the front half of an eagle and the back of a horse
The Hippogriff is a creature whose front half is an eagle and whose back half is a horse, and despite its terrifying appearance, it is perceived in mythology as a positive entity. Like the Hippogriff, you also have attributes that make you loved by every person you meet, and your unbridled optimism permeates even the most negative of people. This is due to your connection and balance between the material and spiritual world that allows you to believe that impossible things are indeed possible, and you apply these beliefs in everyday life where you are faced with very challenging tasks.
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