Answer These Simple 'Why' Questions

Sometimes the most basic questions can be the most hard to answer. Why is the sky blue? Why is 1 + 1 two? When kids come and ask us these questions, many of us don't know what to say! Let's see if YOU do! Answer these common WHY questions and show us your knowledge.
WHY is the sky blue?
The blue wavelength is the shortest and so it spreads in the atmosphere
The sun's light takes 8 hours to get here, because it is slowed on the way it appears blue
The sky is actually white, the blue is actually an optical illusion
The water particles that do not become clouds float in the sky making it look blue
WHY aren't there any more dinosaurs?
An asteroid hit the planet about 65 million years ago, creating chaos and killing them off
65 million years ago there was an ice age that killed them
65 million years ago there was a global warming that killed them
65 million years ago there was a huge earthquake that caused many volcanoes to erupt
WHY can't animals talk?
Most animals don't have the throat and mouth structure for it
Their brain is not developed enough to make talking sounds
Any animal can be made to talk if trained like a parrot
Animals can't understand words, and so can't form them
WHY do men have beards?
Men have more testosterone, which encourages facial hair growth
Because men have larger jaw muscles
It keeps their head warm when they go bald
It helped cavemen hide in the bushes
Why does the Earth spin?
When the Earth was born, it already had a spin and there's been nothing to stop it since
The sun's gravity field causes the Earth to spin
The Earth is moved by it's own gravitational attraction to itself
The gravity of the moon that moves around the Earth causes the spin
Why does the Moon change shape during each month?
As the Moon orbits our planet, its varying position, the sun lights up different regions
Because of it's shape, which is irregular, when it spins it looks like that
The light on the moon is reflected from the Earth and changes according to its location in the sky
The moon is only lighted on one side and when it rotates we see its dark side
Why is the sea salty?
The rivers going into the ocean bring salt from the ground
The seaweed in the ocean release chlorophyll, which gives it the salty taste
Sweet water are just as salty, but they have extra minerals that balance it
Beach sand contains a lot of salt that goes into the sea
Why are veins blue?
Blue light doesn't penetrate the skin so they seem blue to us
It's the lymph liquid going underneath the muscle
Vein blood doesn't contain oxygen, so it looks more purplish-blue
The colder it is, the slower the blood flow, which makes it look blue
Why is space black?
Most of space is empty, meaning there's nothing to return the light
The light of stars is not enough to light up space
It is the natural color of emptiness
The universe's cosmic radiation swallows all colors
Why is the moon sometimes red?
During a lunar eclipse, the Moon is lighted by light that breaks upon Earth's atmosphere
On the 21st of June, the longest day, the light of the Sun colors the Moon red
During a lunar eclipse the Moon is directly lighted by the Sun
On the 21st of December, the shortest day of the year, the light of the Sun colors the Moon red
Why does hair loses color as you get older?
The pigment cells in our hair slowly die as we age
As we age, the blood loses its ability to nourish the scalp
Stress and trauma age our cells and causes the color switch
The more mature the body, it uses its resources for more important things
Why are most of the big bodies of water blue?
The water swallow all other colors and return the blue wavelength
The water reflect the color of the sky above them
The deeper a body of water is, the bluer the water become
The water are colored by minerals like sodium and chlorine
WHY Should You Try Again?
Because this wasn't your best try. We know you can do better than this! And if not, then maybe you should read a bit about the things in our world we see every day and yet somehow don't really know that much about them!
WHY Did You Do Well?
Obviously because you know quite a few of these basic facts about our world. It's astounding how little most of us know about the world that has surrounded us all our lives. But when kids come and ask - we need to answer!
WHY Are You So Smart?
Probably because you have an intelligent and inquisitive brain that looks for interesting facts and doesn't let ignorance fill in answers for them. You go and you research, find and read the answers you want to know. Kudos for acing this test!
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