The History of Flight

The history of flight is a shocking quick one. From dreaming for thousands of years to fly, man went from achieving that dream to walking on the moon in less than a century! Incredible how far we've come during the time since the Wright Brothers made their first flight. How much can you tell us about the history of the flying man?
What did the Wright Brothers do before inventing aircrafts?
Made bicycles
Fixed cars
Fixed boats
What was the name of Charles Lindbergh’s Atlantic-crossing airplane?
Madam Hepburn
Spirit of St. Louis
Lady Lombard
Queen Hawk
True or False: Leonardo da Vinci was able to fly two prototypes of flying machines.
When was the first flight made?
Which of these women was a famous aviator?
Amelia Earhart
Abigail Adams
Jane Addams
Frances Perkins
What is Mach 1 speed (or the speed of sound)?
767 mph or 1235 kph
1534 mph or 2500 kph
1150 mph 1852.2 kph
383 mph or 617 kph
True or False: The first passengers of a hot-air balloon were a rooster, a sheep, and a duck.
What is the max speed of a Concorde plane?
Twice the speed of sound
10 times the speed of sound
5 times the speed of sound
At the speed of sound
True or False: The Hercules H-4 is known as the largest aircraft built in terms of wingspan. It was made almost entirely of wood.
Which country had the first jet fighter plane?
How long was the first non-stop flight from London to Paris?
3 hours and 57 minutes
1 hour and 26 minutes
5 hours and 40 minutes
50 minutes
Which country developed the first helicopter?
What airline manufacturer grew to challenge the Boeing Company through its technical innovations and fleet of diverse aircraft?
Airbus industries
General Electric
Where did the Hindenburg disaster take place?
Frankfurt, Germany
New Jeresy, USA
California, USA
Cambridge, England
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