This Quiz Will Reveal What Your Blood Work Might Look Like

When we aren’t feeling well or simply want to check how our bodies are doing from time to time, the doctor gives us a blood test to find out the source of the problem we are suffering from, to see if there are any excesses or deficiencies of certain substances in our bodies or simply to make sure our measurements are normal. Of course, there are many factors that may affect your blood test results, but if you are considering a routine blood test, the next test can help you find out how your results will look and whether you should hurry up and get blood work done as soon as possible.
A woman sitting on a bench in front of the beach
How many hours a day do you spend outside your home or office?
I'm out for most of the day
An hour or more
Less than an hour
A steak
Do you eat meat?
Yes, but not every day
Yes, I make sure to eat meat every day
No, I'm a vegetarian/vegan
A cartoon figure of a man with a reddened area in his leg
Do you suffer from frequent infections?
No, I don’t usually have infections
No more than anyone else my age
Yes, almost all the time
A lit cigarette with smoke coming out
Do you smoke?
I do not smoke
I smoke a little
I smoke a lot
A woman blowing her nose
How many times do you feel sick at different times during the year?
Less than twice
3-4 times
More than 6 times
Silhouette of a woman running
How many times a week do you exercise?
3 times a week or more
Once or twice a week
I do not exercise
Sweet desserts
Do you usually eat sweet foods and drinks?
I avoid sweet foods and drinks as much as possible
I indulge myself in something sweet once in a while
I need something sweet every day
A person sitting on a sofa working on a laptop
How many hours a day do you spend sitting?
Most of the time I'm on my feet
I spend a few hours a day sitting
I spend most of the day sitting
A woman holding the top of her trousers
How would you describe your body?
A man grabbing his forehead and closing his eyes
Have you suffered from physical or mental stress lately?
Yes, but it has passed
Yes, and I still suffer from it
Glass of water
How many cups of water do you drink a day?
7 or more
Tablets and thermometer
Do you suffer from chronic illness or need medication regularly?
No, I'm as healthy as a horse
Yes, I suffer from a chronic illness but I do not take medication regularly
Yes, I have a chronic illness and take medication regularly
Your next blood test will probably reveal normal measures
You live as healthy of a lifestyle as you can and try to avoid harmful things that can disrupt your body’s balance. It seems you’re doing a good job, and if you do get blood work done you’ll find that most of your measures are normal. You might find some abnormal measures that only testify to changes occurring in your body, among other things because of age, however you seem like a generally healthy person.
Your next blood test may detect abnormal measures
According to your answers, you most probably don’t live a completely healthy lifestyle. We recommend getting bloodwork done to make sure there aren’t any problems with the glucose, calcium, iron, potassium, or cholesterol levels in your body. If you already know you have a problem with one of these measures you should ask your doctor what you can do to restore your body’s balance.
It is recommended that you perform a blood test as soon as possible
According to your answers, you most probably suffer from a chronic disorder or you don’t keep up a healthy lifestyle of any kind. Either way, we recommend getting some blood work done as soon as possible so that you can know what you are deficient in or to make sure you aren’t unknowingly suffering from an illness.
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