What Do You Know About Your Teeth?

From early childhood to our senior years, taking care of our teeth and keeping proper dental hygiene is extremely important. Do you know enough to keep your teeth in check and avoid risk factors and diseases? Test yourself!
A child should start seeing a dentist at age...
3 years old
1 year old
Six months old
5 years old
What causes tooth decay?
Halitosis is the medical term for...
Bad breath
Black hairy tongue
Plaque buildup
Gum disease
Toothbrushes should be replaced every...
2-3 months
Two weeks
6 months
Which of the following usually precedes gum disease (periodontal disease)?
Loose teeth
Root damage
True or False: All people have 'Wisdom Teeth'.
Which is worse for your teeth?
Eating a sugary cookie as a snack
Eating a sugary cookie with a meal
True or False: The enamel on your teeth is stronger than bone.
Which of these is best for your teeth?
Soft bread
A glass of soda
In Latin America there is no tooth fairy, instead, there is a...
A mouse
A cat
A bat
A raven
If your tooth gets knocked out, put it in...
Talcum powder
People once believed that toothaches were caused by...
The Devil
You Have More to Learn
Unfortunately, you didn't do quite so well on this one. Learning about our teeth is something we'd recommend doing more of since this becomes more of a health risk as time goes by. How about reading a bit about it and trying again?
Not Bad!
You know quite a bit about your teeth, it seems, and about keeping them healthy. It's important that we know this well in order to avoid gum and mouth diseases and risk factors, as well as identify problems as they pop up. You still could get a higher score if you wish to try again.
Most Excellent!
You've shown an excellent familiarity with dental hygiene and teeth. We're delighted to hear this because it's such an important part of our bodies and knowing all about it can really help you avoid some dreadful diseases and risk factors as well as recognize problems as they pop up. Congratulations, you've really ACED THIS QUIZ!
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