Do You Know How to Take Care of a Baby?

Whether you're an expecting parent, a grandparent or someone who wants to be prepared, this quiz will help you test your knowledge against the updated recommendations for infant care. Care to take up the challenge?
Which of these is NOT a sign that the baby is ready for solid foods?
Able to laugh
Able to sit
Curious about solid food
Brings objects to mouth
Mother's milk fulfills all the nutrition a baby needs until the age of...
Six months
Twelve months
Three months
One month
How should a baby sleep?
In their crib on their back without toys or soft surfaces
On their stomach on a soft pillow
On their sides and on a soft pillow
On their backs with plenty of soft toys around them
Which of these foods should NOT be given to an infant under 1 year old?
True or False: Car Seats for infants are good to carry outside the car as well. It's a safe and easy way to carry an infant around
True or False: Crib bumpers are NOT a good tool for new parents
Which of these ingredients is important for a baby's first foods?
Vitamin A
When put in the car seat, at what age should we turn around the car seat to face forward and not the rear?
It should be rear-facing until they don't need it anymore
It should be rear-facing until they are 2 years old
It should be rear-facing until they are 1 year old
It doesn't need to be rear-facing at all
True or False: New parents should NOT nap during the day.
How much water does a breastfeeding baby need?
2-4 glasses a day
5-6 glasses a day
Same as an adult
According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), parents should feed their progeny peanut butter very early to prevent nut allergy beginning at age...
4-6 months
1-2 years
5-12 years
4-6 years
Which of these is NOT a routine vaccine for babies?
Vaccine against Hepatitis B
Vaccine against pneumococcus bacteria [PCV]
Vaccine against Rotavirus
Vaccine against Hepatitis C
You still have much to learn about babies
So we're guessing you haven't been a parent before, or perhaps it has been some decades since you had to take care of a baby by yourself. It's never a bad skill to learn, mind you, as you may never know when you are called to take care of one in a pinch as a favor, or perhaps have one of your own one day. Have a look at our answers to learn a bit more about infant care.
You still need to learn more about babies
You obviously know SOME of this material but are still missing some big chunks of crucial infant care. Whether it's because a long time has passed since you took care of a baby or whether you never had to - this is great stuff to know, and we recommend you have a look at the answers below (click the button) to learn a bit more of the new regulations regarding infant care.
You know your baby raising! But...
Alright, so you didn't get a full score, but your answers show you DO know your stuff. It could be that some of this information has changed in recent years and you haven't seen the updated recommendations. For example, the child seat forward facing laws have changed. So it's good to learn and have a look at the answers to see what you may have missed.
You ACED It!
It's hard to get something past super-parent over here! You either take care of babies still or have recently - or just have a fantastic memory! You totally aced this test - you should be proud! If you fell short of 100%, don't worry, a few things have changed a little in recent years (like the rear-facing car seat recommendation) so have a look at our answers to see why you went wrong.
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