How Healthy is Your Gut?

In ancient times, people thought the heart is the focus of all emotion, but in truth, our guts play an important role in the quality of our life, emotional or physical, and like the heart, it needs to be maintained in good health. The following questions will check for possible symptoms you may have that indicate a health issue with your guts.
What are your eating habits like?
3 equal meals
Grazer (eat throughout the day)
Often skip meals
Tend to overeat
How often are you constipated?
At least once a year
More than once a year
I am chronically constipated
I'm never constipated
How often do you pass gas in a day (on average)?
3-5 times per day
1-2 times per day
10+ times per day
Have you taken antibiotics before?
Yes, a few courses in my life
I've never taken antibiotics
I take antibiotics quite frequently
How regular are you?
I have 2-3 bowel movements a day
I have maybe 1 movement per day
Sometimes I don't have any per day, it depends what I eat
Do you ever experience abdominal pain after eating?
Is your tongue "fuzzy" first thing in the morning?
I feel full and satisfied after meals.
How often do you use laxatives?
Not often
I never have to use laxatives
Do you ever get acid reflux?
Hmm, your gut may need some TLC!
It seems like you've been overeating junk food in the past, you may need to rethink your diet or take better care of your gut health through supplements and daily habits.
Your gut is in regular health!
Your gut seems to be healthy but if you want to ensure it stays that way or want to up your gut health, try probiotics or apple cider vinegar!
Your gut is...super healthy!
Your gut seems to be in good shape! Keep eating healthy foods and take that apple cider vinegar!
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