Are You Keeping Yourself Safe?

Do you know what to do in case of an injury, ingesting something poisonous or suffering a venomous bite? This quiz is here to test you on this crucial knowledge that may one day save your or someone else's life.
burning oil in a pan
State Farm
What is the safest way to put out burning oil in a pan if you do not have a fire extinguisher in the house?
Turn off the stove and cover the pan with a lid
Pour water over the oil and cover with a lid
Pour the oil on the floor and cover with sand and flour
Throw ice cubes or icy water into the pan
What should a person who accidentally swallows detergent do?
Make themselves vomit
Drink Water
Drink Milk
Call Poison Control
Which of these is NOT hazardous to your health?
Apple kernels
Green Potatoes
Which of these 4 common US snakes is venomous?
Garter Snake
Corn Snake
Ariel Palmon
Your child just ate a leaf from this plant, what should you do?
Nothing, if it's some leaves they'll be fine
Go to the ER immediately
Let them drink some water with vinegar
Watch them for 3-4 hours for signs of illness
You've just sprained your ankle, what SHOULDN'T you do?
Wrap the area in a hot towel
Wrap the area in a cold towel
Bandage the area with an elastic bandage that will apply pressure
Lift the leg over the height of your heart
What is the first thing you do when starting CPR?
Check if the person is conscious and can respond
Remove blockages from the mouth
Mouth to mouth resuscitation
Massage the heart
What should you never cook in the microwave?
Aluminum foil
Absorbent paper
Bleach Bypass Efx
Which material should never be mixed with bleach?
Laundry detergent
There is no such material available at home
One of your friends accidentally spilled hot coffee on himself and his hand got burned pretty bad. What should he NOT do?
Put ice on it
Put Aloe Vera on it
Wash his hands in cool water and soap
Put antibacterial ointments on the area
There are several things to do when someone splashes a chemical into the eye. But in which order? They must 1. Call a doctor. 2. Take out any contact lenses. 3. Flush the eyes with plenty of water and 4. Wash hands with soap and water.
Step 3, Step 4, Step 2 and then Step 1
Step 2, Step 3, Step 4 and then Step 1
Step 1, Step 3, Step 4 and then Step 2
Step 4, Step 2, Step 3 and then Step 1
You suffered a minor animal bite, what is your first step?
Wash the wound with soap and water
Put antibiotic cream
Leave the wound open and let it breathe
Squeeze the wound to push out contaminated blood
You need to learn more
Your score indicates that there may be an emergency event in your future that will catch you unprepared. One of the most influential factors in such a situation is pre-knowledge. Armed with it, you can act fast, act correctly and hopefully save the day, either for yourself or someone else. As such, we invite you to try again or check our answers to these questions.
Not Bad!
You still have a few things more to learn about keeping yourself and others safe while taking care of injuries, but you definitely have a good knowledge of it and you won't be caught completely off guard when something happens. That said, it's best to know it ALL, so have a look at our answers...
Excellent Display of Knowledge
It's people like you we want to be with us in times of need, because according to the answers you have given us you have a very good knowledge of safety rules, If you had a mistake or two, so be it, you can't expect anyone to know everything, so we invite you to check the correct answers and find out how to improve your knowledge in this area even further.
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