Which Superfood Should You Eat?

The term superfood is a very familiar one for those who eat healthy. There is a growing global trend of adopting a healthy lifestyle. Each of them contains a world full of essential components, which contribute differently to the health of our body, and even the mind. So in order to know which superfood your body needs most, answer a few personal questions that will tell us what kind of beneficial effects would help you the most right now, and which superfood will give that to you.
What do you most feel like doing right now?
Go to sleep
Finish my book
Finish my house chores
Find some escape from reality
Which personality trait would you change in yourself?
Accepting what I have
If you were an animal, which of these would you be?
Which birthday gift would you like?
A pampering orthopedic pillow
Smartphone or game console
A new watch
A self help book
You need to prepare a meal for the family. What do you do?
Order some takeout
Make a few quick and easy dishes
Open my cookbook and go to work
Make a spicy soup
You've reached the bank but you see a huge line. What do you do?
I'm not gonna wait so long, I'll come back another day
Take a number and go do some other things for a while
"Darn, I'll never get to my next task on time."
"Why do I always have this kind of luck?"
Which phrase do you feel is closest to you?
A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush
Less talk, more action
More money, more problems
No good deed goes unpunished
Which food or drink would you like to have right now?
A banana
Tea / Coffee
Ice Cream
None of these
Which vacation destination would you prefer?
Lying on the beach in Greece for a week
Making a long trek through South America
A hotel close to home for the weekend
Going camping by myself
What is missing in your life right now?
Enough sleep
Nothing, I have too many things as it is
Time, time and some more time
A good laugh
If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Controlling emotions
Reading thoughts
Becoming invisible
Choose one of these colors
From your answers, it is clear that you are going through a difficult time that draws the last of your strength and makes you exhausted. What you need is food to help you raise your energy level, and we have just the one for you - Spirulina. It is rich in essential nutrients, such as protein, iron and antioxidants which are key tools for supplying energy to your body. So if you feel a little exhausted, and your strength is starting to run low, add a little spirulina to your daily menu. You can of course mix it with delicious smoothies, or you can consume it as tablets.
Whole grains
From your answers it is clear that you often suffer from a lack of concentration and a problem reaching a state of rest, which can adversely affect your ability to complete daily tasks. But do not worry, we have the most perfect superfood for you - whole grains. Their ability to improve blood flow to the brain will not only improve its overall and ongoing function, but will also sharpen your level of concentration and attention to important things, thus keeping you purposeful throughout the day. So that you can enjoy some of the wonderful virtues of whole grains, make a small upgrade to your daily menu, enrich it with oatmeal, and replace the rice and white bread with one based on whole meal flour.
Goji Berry
From your answers it is clear that you often experience a feeling of stress and anxiety, which can rob you of a lot of energy throughout the day. Therefore, we think you need to add goji berries to your daily menu, so you can lower your stress level. This wonderful superfood is incredibly rich in antioxidants, whose function is to protect the body from pests, heal cellular damage and increase its resilience. It even contributes to a feeling of calm in a way that will allow you to improve your quality of life. So, if you'd like to reduce your worries that bother you on a regular basis, eat a serving of goji berry a day along with your yogurt.
From your answers it's clear that sometimes you are in a state of depression, and that you need a dose of positive energy to bring the smile back to your face. From the test we just conducted we discovered that the best solution for you is eating blueberries. These wonderful fruits are rich in antioxidants, the consumption of which has been proven in studies as one that lowers the level of depression in people. So that you can put a little smile, joy and hope into your life, incorporate blueberries in your daily menu that will take you on a new and happier path.
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