How Healthy is Your Mind?

Is your mind still growing or is it stagnating, are you still able to think fresh thoughts, or does your mind need some refreshing? Take our test, answer our questions honestly and you may just find out...
How old is this man?
Pick the season you see in this painting:
What do you see?
A Donkey
A Horse
A Zebra
What direction will the man go?
To the right
To the left
This man is:
Day Dreaming
What emotion do you sense when looking at this image?
Sweet sadness
A beginning
Look at the gears, what do you see?
A clown
A little girl
A smiling sun
A ghost
Something else
Just gears
Who lives in this room?
A married couple
A teenager
An old lady/man
A young couple
A single man
A single woman
How much money is in this pile?
50,000 Dollars
200,000 Dollars
10,000 Dollars
5,000 Dollars
Who painted this?
A child
A woman
A man
100% Healthy Mind
Your mind has reached the peak level of health. You are comfortable in your own skin, you know what interests you in life and what doesn't, and you know how to channel your energy in the most efficient way. This literally means that you have stopped searching in the dark and found the things in life that truly make you happy. Whether it's raising a family, nurturing a successful career or pursuing some greater challenge, you know what you want to do in life, and you will achieve it no matter what. This is a great place to be in, some people spend their entire life striving to be where you are right now but never getting there.
A Growing Mind
You have a "growing" mind. It means that your mind is still as fresh and as curious as it ever was. Your mind still processes new and exciting information at a fast rate, and uses that to nurture your inspiration and knowledge. You haven't settled on mediocrity like most adult people. You still crave challenges, to discover new things and reach your full potential in life. While other people are stuck in their boring routine of life, you are still going 300 miles an hour, searching for a new thing that will make your heart beat a little faster.
A Wondering Mind
You have a "wondering" mind. It means that your mind is always looking for the next challenge, the next thought, and the next fascinating detail that comes your way. You are a very curious and inventive person who likes to discover new things for yourself. You love being creative, pouring your heart and soul into something, and then moving on to the great next challenge. You are always looking for the next big thing, and that's the secret to your own inner happiness. You don't find happiness by buying stuff or getting approval from other people. You find your own happiness by listening to yourself, and going after the things that fascinate you.
A Busy Mind
You have what we call a "Busy" mind. Your mind tends to work overtime, and never gets a proper rest. You are a very hands-on person who finds it hard to relax. You care a great deal for the people in your life, to the point that it occupies your mind 24/7. You are always so busy helping others, that you completely forget about yourself, bringing your mind to the brink of exhaustion. We HIGHLY recommend that you take some time for yourself, relax your mind and heal your thoughts. You can't worry about everybody all the time, you have to help out when you can, but you should never forget about your own mental and physical health.
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