What Do You Know About Senior Health?

With life expectancy growing and geriatrics being much better than they were, seniors are a large group with a very important influence. The most important thing to know when you're a senior? All about your health. So, whether you're a senior or have one in your family, you should know these health facts about seniors. Let's see how much you already know.
True or False: According to the US Census Bureau, seniors are the fastest growing age group in the United States
Which of these does NOT slow the aging process?
Eating less calories
Sleeping more
Sun exposure
Studies claim that, when it comes to aging, there is a certain ratio between genetics and environmental effects (your choices). What is that ratio?
30% genetics, 70% environmental
80% genetics, 20% environmental
50% genetics, 50% environmental
10% genetics, 90% environmental
When it comes to stress, senior people....
Feel less stressed than younger people
Feel about the same stress as younger people
Feel more stressed and worried than younger people
Feel no stress at all after age 70
Are seniors more or less prone to suicide?
More, due mainly to loneliness and depression
More, due to mental and cognitive problems
Less, due to their belief they've gone through the worst
Less, because suicide was less accepted in past generations
What does learning do to the senior brain?
Creates new neurons and fights dementia
Kills many remaining neurons and erases other memories
Doesn't make a change, it's only entertainment for your brain
If done too much, can cause a breakdown of neural synapses
How do sleep habits change for seniors?
They can barely sleep from middle of the night to morning
They sleep much longer, from early night to late morning
They fall asleep earlier and rise earlier
They require 150% as much sleep as younger adults
Which of these is BAD advice to reduce skin aging?
Protect your skin from the sun
Stop smoking
Keep your facial expressions exactly the same
Sleep as much as possible
Which of these foods does NOT quicken the process of aging?
Red Meat
Rice Cakes
Which of these cancers is common among the elderly?
Prostate Cancer
Bone Cancer
The average life expectancy in the US is currently 78.54. How much was it in 1970?
Studies have found that exercising ____________ a week can be more effective than medication in relieving the symptoms of clinical depression in seniors.
Three times
Five times
You Have More to Learn
There is so much to know about senior health. Indeed it is the biggest age group in growth at the moment, and the longer we live, the more care we need to take with ourselves. Whether you're a senior or just know some, this is really important information to know.
You Have a Good Knowledge
We're so glad you've shown you have some knowledge on this subject. These days, it's becoming more and more important to understand the senior population, what it wants and what it needs. We're all going to be there sooner or later, so it's good knowledge to have!
You Know it ALL!
If you're not a senior already (and even that's impressive) we take off our hats to you. There won't be much surprise to you when you get to a ripe old age! Congratulations on your high score and unbeatable knowledge!
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