What's the Perfect Exercise For YOU?

We all the same general goals when it comes to exercise, and that is to have a healthier, stronger body. However, there are many ways to get to this goal, and not every exercise is best for everyone. Some of us have a body that prefers cardio, while others will do better getting stronger. Which exercise is best for YOU? Answer our questions and find out...
It's Friday night and you're tired, but happy it’s the weekend. You relax while listening to:
Pop songs
Rock music
Salsa music
Given the opportunity for a new challenge, you will:
Embrace it, setting yourself goals and deadlines to remain on track
Get advice from friends and invite others to join you
Start to take deep breaths and clear your head
How much time can you allocate?
30-60 min per day
A few hours on the weekend
A few hours a week
The less the better
A colleague invites you to go to an exercise class with her. How do you react?
Great! Why not fit a workout in between meetings?
 You agree as long as it’s a proper workout
You can't think of anything worse
Which do you prefer: Indoors or Outdoors?
Doesn't matter
Do you prefer working out in groups or alone?
In a group
Mix it up
What is your mental approach towards working out?
I love it!
It's a necessary evil
Oh god, why? Why me?!
At night...
Your sleep is disturbed. You toss and turn.
 You sleep peacefully.
Your ideal workout should be:
One that provides you with energy for the rest of the day.
Full of adrenaline.
Easiest to forget after.
Fulfilling and rewarding mentally.
When faced with a stressful task, you tend to:
Thrive! Stress makes you efficient.
Try and meditate.
Ask for a friend's help.
When planning your next vacation, you would love to be able to...
Head off alone to chill out and/or see some sights.
Go visit a friend or take a romantic vacation with your partner. 
Get away with your family to a place that has something for everyone.
Go on a cruise, take a group tour, share a ski cabin, or rent a villa with a bunch of friends.
If you had unlimited time and funds, you would...
Buy an island
Visit one new place on each continent every year
Climb Mount Everest
What is your main goal while exercising?
Lose weight
Get fit
Feel good
When you’re working out, how much do you like to sweat?
No sweat! I hate sweat!
Buckets! I love the burn.
Just enough to feel like I've done something with my body.
Running is one of the most popular ways to work out alone and worldwide. It is an evergreen method that constantly recruits new believers. You are able to set your own pace, distance, time and much more. You will need your own self-discipline but signing up for local runs or marathons is a great way to stick with it!
Yoga is all about balancing body, mind and spirit. Yoga lengthens muscles and improves posture, while the breathing techniques defuse stress. The controlled movements of Pilates help you gain strength and stability in your core. You’re independent and non-competitive and you would likely enjoy exercising in an environment where you can focus on improving your own fitness, and it doesn’t really matter if you have people around you or not!
While you probably have zero desire — or need — to lose weight, building muscle tone will help you achieve those curves you so long for. A strength-building workout that focuses on your core will give you an awesome silhouette! All you need are free weights and a ball!
Team sport
If you need a social setting around you to work out then why not pick up a team sport. With a truly massive spectrum of variety available there is a position for everyone in every team sport. A few hours on the weekend, playing something you enjoy, might just be the right workout for you, be it Frisbee, Football, Boot Camp, Basketball of Boxing!
From cardio hip-hop to salsa - you should be dancing! In addition to burning calories, these activities allow creativity and can work major muscles. You’re social and non-competitive, and are primarily driven by the “fun factor” that some activities offer. What else is there to say? Just dance!
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