How Does One Minimize Bacteria Infection?

Do you know how to minimize the risk of bacteria and germs? Take our quiz and prove it to yourself!
Imagine you are in a public bathroom, what is the most dangerous item?
The toilet seat
The door handle
The mirror
The sink
Germs are most likely to develop and multiply in this room of the house:
Living Room
Some viruses, like the cold virus, are more common among...
True or False: Antibacterial soap is by far the best weapon against bacteria.
If a friend has a cold, you are more likely to catch it if you:
Touch the same doorknob
Shake hands
Kiss each other hello on the cheek
All answers are correct
You face the biggest risk of getting sick if you:
Eat a cookie that dropped in the dirt
Kiss your child
Share a soda can with an ill friend
The answers kiss your child or share a soda can are both true.
What's the germiest thing in your house?
Kitchen sponge
The toilet rim
Dog bowl
Door handle
How fast do germs travel through the air when someone sneezes?
10 mph (16 kph)
50 mph (80 kph)
100 mph (160 kph)
200 mph (320 kph)
True or False: Your cellphone has more germs on it than your toilet seat.
What are the three things bacteria need to grow?
Oxygen, moisture and Warmth
Moisture, warmth and food source
Oxygen, warmth and food source
Oxygen, food source and moisture
What is the best way to keep your immune system healthy?
Eat only fresh, organic foods
Get plenty of rest and eat healthy
Keep physical contact with other people to a bare minimum
Wear a surgical mask at all times
Sorry That's a FAIL
It seems you still have quite a bit to learn about how to avoid germ-infested places and how to keep safe from them, in addition to knowing about the ways they spread. These 3 points of knowledge are CRUCIAL, now more than ever in the shadow of the Corona outbreak, to understand and implement as surely as any other health regulation and even more so. In this age of overpopulation and huge urban centers, we must be on the alert, not only for ourselves, but for our families, our friends and everyone we come in contact with. Look at our answers to learn more about this important health issue.
You Did Well!
While you didn't get a top score, your knowledge is definitely not minimal when it comes to knowing about the risks of germs and viruses. That said, this is not a subject one wants to have any ignorance about, so why not have a look at our answers and learn a bit more about how to protect yourself and what to avoid, so you are 100% confident next time you come into a public toilet or even in your daily hygiene and health routines at home.
You ACED It!
Oh, gosh we're so happy there are people like you out there; people who understand the real risks and the real risky places when it comes to bacteria infection. Unfortunately, this is a health issue that has many myths and urban legends surrounding it, causing the real information to get lost in the shuffle. We can't stress how important it is, especially in this day and age, to keep abreast of the latest information and hygiene routines. Have a look at answers to make sure you didn't miss anything, and congratulations for being health-conscious!
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