What Do You Know About Your LIVER?

The liver is an incredibly important part of what keeps us healthy and going. It has hundreds of tasks in the body, from big to small, and is always working tirelessly to keep us healthy. But how much do we know about this helpful organ of ours? Let's take the test and let you find out.
True or False: The liver is one of the 5 organs humans can't live without.
The liver always has some fat. How much makes it a 'Fatty Liver'?
Over 10% fat
Over 1% fat
Over 50% fat
Over 30% fat
True or False: A fatty liver will not cause cirrhosis of the liver
What is the most common cause of ACUTE liver failure?
Overdosing on drugs like Paracetamol
Eating a tremendous amount of food containing toxins
Physical trauma to the liver (being hit in the liver)
Heart attack
True or False: The liver stores the bile, which is made by the gallbladder
A telltale sign of liver disease is...
Reduced focus
Swelling in the neck
Which of these is NOT helpful in detoxing your liver?
Take vitamins
Avoid alcohol
Drink coffee
Stay hydrated
Which of these is bad for your liver?
Salty food
Fiber-rich foods
Fatty fish
What is one of the most most common causes of liver cirrhosis in the US?
Congestive heart failure
Alcoholic liver disease
Parasitic worms
Blood transfusions
True or False: The liver is the largest solid organ in the body.
What is the most common type of chronic viral hepatitis in the U.S.?
Hepatitis C
Hepatitis D
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis A and E
What important functions are affected by severe, acute, or chronic liver disease?
Blood clotting
Elimination of toxins and other critical materials from the body
Manufacture of bile
All answers are true
You have more to learn
Unfortunately it doesn't seem like you know all that much about your liver, and that's hazardous, because it can be a very susceptible part of our bodies. One can easily start going down the path of serious liver disease without knowing how it came to this. How about a second try, or, alternatively, you can check out our answers. In any case, we recommend doing a bit more reading about your liver, it may save your life one day.
You Know Quite a Bit...
You know more about the liver than most, and you know most of what its functions are and how important it to keep it healthy. However, you still did not get the highest score, and there is some room for improvement. What do you say, care to try again? If not, you can always have a look at our answers to learn even more about it. But we're sure you know enough at least to protect your health.
Liver Expert
Well you certainly have a lot of knowledge about the human Liver! You achieved high scores and that means you know a lot more than the average Joe about this incredibly important organ. You probably know how to be careful and so have a good idea of how to maintain a good and healthy relationship with your liver, which is ever so important. Congratulations, you aced this quiz!
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