Prepared For the Summer Days?

Do you know how to protect yourself during the hot summer months? The questions in this quiz will test you on your health knowledge regarding the summer. You will either prove to us you know how to protect yourself OR learn some new tips - It's a win/win situation!
It's safe to go outside without sun lotion when it's cloudy.
True, if it's VERY cloudy.
You got a sunburn while being outside. What should you do upon returning home?
Take a warm shower
Take a cold shower
Keep the skin as dry as possible
Smear a thin coat of butter on your sunburns
Which of these is NOT a symptom of heat stroke?
Rapid Heartbeat
True or False: Seawater is a good quick fix for cuts because of the salt content.
Which of these is poison ivy?
How long does it take a rash from poison ivy to go away on its own?
1-2 days
1-3 weeks
12-24 hours
1-2 months
How should one eat during the high heat days?
Eating regularly, but light foods
Eating less, but heavier foods
Eating more, but light food
Eating less and eating just light food
What is "Swimmer's Ear"?
It's when water gets trapped in the ear and causes an infection
It's when water gets into the ear and confuses our sense of direction so we get lost
It's when water gets into both ears and creates a painful pressure on the nose until we get out of the water
It's when you dive too much without air and the water pressure can make you drown
According to doctors, how often should you reapply sunscreen when at the beach or doing activities?
Every 2 hours
Every six hours
Every 12 hours
Every time you go outside, no matter how long it has been
Along with sunscreen, what is the best shirt to wear during the hot summer days?
The best shirt is no shirt. No chafing and less heat.
Light, thin, long sleeved shirt
Thick, heavy, long sleeved shirt
An undershirt with no sleeves
What do you do when you get a bee sting?
Suck it out
Scrape it out with a disinfected tool
Squeeze out the stinger
Pull the stinger out
True or False: Eating garlic keeps mosquitoes away
True, if you eat a lot
You Need to Protect Yourself Better
Summer is not something you want to take likely. The incidence of skin cancer is on the rise, and the Earth is getting hotter, you should know the right way to survive these testing months, as well as perhaps take care of others. Review what you know about the summer and have a look at your mistakes by clicking on the show answers button.
Good, but Some Room to Improve
Good show! You definitely know a lot of important things about summer risk prevention and health awareness. However, there were a few things you got wrong, and by clicking on show answers you will be shown your mistakes so you can learn from them and stay safer this summer!
You Know Your Stuff!
Phew! We're so happy you know your stuff and don't need to learn much anymore regarding summer risks and how to stay healthy despite it all. Hopefully you are passing this knowledge along to others under your care! In case you didn't get a perfect score, though, you can check your answers by clicking on 'show answers'.
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